Post Reports Fail to Download in Social Studio Analyze
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Post Reports Fail to Download in Social Studio Analyze

Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Last updated 2019-04-30 ·Reference W-4640988 ·Reported By 1 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Social April Release Patch 2

After a new Post Report is generated in Analyze(eg: Post Reports,Real-Time reports), it will fail when downloading and opening it through the report email, in-app notification or within the report history.

This happens when the report name has a comma within the first 10 characters of the name and in any file format such as CSV or PDF.

1. Login to Social Studio, your workspace, Analyze, Reports
2. Select: Create Report, use any report (eg: Post Report, Real-Time Report, etc)
3. Select 2 or more Social Accounts or Topic Profiles, Save the new report
4. Modify the report to include the Filters and desired Frequency you would like it to run and send new reports, then select: Done
5. When the new report is scheduled to run, it will successfully create the report and indicate in the report history.
6. When trying to download and open the new report in either the received email or report history in Analyze, it will fail.

This can happen when selecting multiple social accounts or topic profiles while

The workaround is to go to your Edit Report page in Analyze and modify the Report Name to exclude any commas atleast within the first 10 characters.

Newly created Reports after this change should download and open as expected.

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