Unable to use Shared/Synced DEs in BUs for AB Self Service Tool
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Unable to use Shared/Synced DEs in BUs for AB Self Service Tool

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When utilising Audience Builder's (AB) Self Service Tool (SST) to implement your own Attributes to create Audiences from, if you select an Attribute from a Data Extension (DE) that is within the Shared or Synced DE Folder, and you're using SST within a Business Unit (BU), the deployment of the Attribute will fail.

- Ensure you have a DE saved in a Shared Folder
- Implement Data Stream and the Synced Data Extensions

- Navigate down into a Business Unit you use for Audience Builder
- Select Administration under you User
- Under Applications, select Audience Builder
- Click on Manage Attributes
- Select New Attribute and select a field from your Shared/Synced DE
- Complete the process and Save
- The Status will show "Error: Deletion Failure" and Last Refreshed will sit on "Pending"

The Data Extension needs to be hosted within the Business Unit you're adding the new Attribute so you'll need to stage the same DE and data in the Business Unit.

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