Contacts Delete Settings will not retain 0 days
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Contacts Delete Settings will not retain 0 days

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts

Last updated 2019-08-16 ·Reference W-4813596 ·Reported By 17 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud April 2019 Release

When selecting 0 days in Contacts Delete Settings, you will notice it is reverted back to 30 days. This is a UI bug only. The suppression state will be set to 0 on the database. Contacts delete will initiate the delete process as soon as it is submitted.

-Contact Builder > Contacts Configuration > Manage Settings
-Set to 0 days, save
-Click Manage Settings, note it now shows 30
-Use any other number and note this number will be retained when clicking Manage Settings again.

Use 1 day if it is important that this setting reflect the number of days. If it is more important to set it to 0, select 0 and note that it is only a display bug and should immediately initiate the delete process.

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