Firefox does not show scrollbars on Post Chat form
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Firefox does not show scrollbars on Post Chat form


Last updated 2022-10-04 ·Reference W-4155803 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed - Summer '18

Chat Window and Post Chat windows do not contain scrollbars and are not resizable within Firefox result content is getting chopped.

1) Create the following VF Page for PostChat:
<apex:page showHeader='false'>
<div id='details'>
<h1>Post Chat Page</h1>
Request Time: <apex:outputText id='c_rt' value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.requestTime}' /><br/>
Start Time: <apex:outputText id='c_st' value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.startTime}' /><br/>
Deployment Id: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.deploymentId}' /><br/>
Button Id: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.buttonId}' /><br/>
Chat Key: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.chatKey}' /><br />
Last Visited Page: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.lastVisitedPage}' /><br/>
Original Referrer: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.originalReferrer}' />
Latitude: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.latitude}' /><br/>
Longitude: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.longitude}' /><br/>
City: <apex:outputText value='{!$}' /><br/>
Region: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.region}' /><br/>
Country: <apex:outputText value='{!$}' /><br/>
Organization: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.organization}' /><br/>
Disconnected By: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.disconnectedBy}' /><br/>
Window Language: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.windowLanguage}' /><br/>
Chat Details: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.chatDetails}' /><br />
Transcript: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.transcript}' /><br/>
Attached Records : <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.attachedRecords}' /><br />
Error: <apex:outputText value='{!$CurrentPage.parameters.error}' /><br />
<div id='abandoned' style='display: none;'>
We are sorry you decided to leave the chat. Feel free to initiate a new session.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var requestTime = '{!$CurrentPage.parameters.requestTime}';
var startTime = '{!$CurrentPage.parameters.startTime}';
// when startTime doesn't have a value, it means the chat never started
if (!startTime) {
document.getElementById('details').style.display = 'none';
document.getElementById('abandoned').style.display = 'block';


2) Update/Create a button with the above VF page as the Post Chat page
3) In Firefox, as a Chasitor, connect to chat to your Live Agent User
4) When the Chat opens for the Chasitor note the window is not resizable (Chrome it is).
5) End the Chat to allow the Post Chat page to display
Result: You cannot see anything below "Country: ". Organization on wards is out of view and you cannot scroll down (Chrome you can)

As it is a VF page, the you can use CSS overflow to include scrollbars to their element:

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