Report Output not Reflecting Chosen Time Zone
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Report Output not Reflecting Chosen Time Zone

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Last updated 2021-06-29 ·Reference W-3750254 ·Reported By 21 users

No Fix

When scheduling a report, it will show the user/account/report specific localized time zone. Once the time zone data is output, it shows in CST (no daylight savings) instead of the clients timezone.

1. Log into account
2. Create a Report with the type: Journey Builder Email Send Summary
3. Set the time zone to (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna *
4. Set a custom date range
5. Select a journey/version to report against
6. Run the report

See that the start Date/End Date are output in CST rather than the time zone that was selected. It is a bit confusing from a client perspective that the start date and end date are in CST rather than the chosen time zone.

Convert the data output in CST to your timezone using a tool like:,2759794&h=206

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