Deleted work items still appear in Omni Supervisor panel
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Deleted work items still appear in Omni Supervisor panel

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Last updated 2018-03-30 ·Reference W-3682522 ·Reported By 21 users

Fixed - Winter '18

When a non-chat work item (such as Cases or Leads) is in an Omni queue and is then deleted, that work item will still show as being in queue when viewed in Omni Supervisor.

- Actual Result
The deleted work item appears to still be in queue in Omni Supervisor

- Expected Result.
The deleted work item should not be shown in Omni Supervisor anymore

-Configure an org with Omni Channel and a service channel for a standard object like Case along with all the other necessities to be able to queue that object in Omni Channel.
-Create a case and add it to an Omni queue.
-Verify the case appears in queue according to Omni Supervisor
-Delete the test case
-The case will still appear in queue according to Omni Supervisor.
-Sometimes, (perhaps after some time) it'll show as "Unaccessible" in Omni Supervisor, other times it'll look normal and clicking it will load a console tab showing the record is deleted.
-Also, sometimes an error will appear at the top of the Supervisor Page "Queue items couldn't be loaded. Try refreshing the page."

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