Einstein Analytics Integration imports reduced number of records
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Einstein Analytics Integration imports reduced number of records

Marketing Cloud API , Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts , Einstein Analytics - Data Integration

Last updated 2022-02-17 ·Reference W-7350667 ·Reported By 1 users


When using the Einstein Analytics Integration with the Marketing Cloud, and choosing to extract System Data, the Data Sync will bring across less records that what is in the Marketing Cloud Object.

System Data & System Contact Linked Data Extension objects from the Marketing Cloud are impacted per this document


- Create a Connection to the Marketing Cloud
- Select a System Data object to pull across
- Run the Data Sync
- Notice less records are pulled into EA

You will need to populate a Data Extension with the same information as Data Extensions are not impacted by this Bug.

For customers that have Mobile Studio, you can create a Filtered List

- Create a Mobile Filtered List
- Add in criteria that will pull all records from that object
- For example; System Data --> Contact ID is not null

- Now go back into EA and select to sync a new Object
- Find the name of the List you've just built in the Marketing Cloud and Sync

For customers that don't have Mobile Studio, you will not have a valid work-around. If you can populate a Data Extension with this data you can export as a .csv and import into EA manually.

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