Unable to set inbox message expiration date to more than a year
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Unable to set inbox message expiration date to more than a year

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Last updated 2020-06-15 ·Reference W-7193271 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release May 2020

Inbox Expiration Date/Time cannot be set over 1 year later.
When setting Expiration Date/Time as over 1 year, it will be automatically shortened to just 1 year after saving.

- Navigate to MobilePush
- Click [Create Message] button
- Select [Inbox] for the template, [Next] button
- Set Message Name and App, and select [Inbox Only] for Push Method, [Next] button
- Select any audience, [Next] button
- Set each field fr contents as you like, [Next] button
- Choose Inbox Expiration Date/Time as over 1 year from Start Date/Time for Delivery option
- Click [Save] button
- Re-open the inbox message just created
- Then Inbox Expiration Date/Time will be changed as just 1 year later from Start Date/Time

Create another Inbox message for same audiences with seamless Start Date/Time after the End Date/Time of first message.

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