Marketing Cloud Connect Individual Email Results (IER's) not working when sends are initiated from the Marketing Cloud
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Marketing Cloud Connect Individual Email Results (IER's) not working when sends are initiated from the Marketing Cloud

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Last updated 2022-10-04 ·Reference W-7115724 ·Reported By 111 users


Marketing Cloud Connect Individual Email Results (IER's) not working when sends are initiated from the Marketing Cloud, and the System User is not integrated.

The subscribe for tracking call is expecting the System user to have a completed integration as a user as well as a system user (which is not required). The result is when performing a mass send to a salesforce audience from the Marketing Cloud UI, the system is unable to subscribe for tracking. Such as SF Data Extension sends, guided sends to a SF Report/Campaign, or a Journey Builder Send that expects to push tracking back to Salesforce.

1) Integrate your API user from CRM to MC
2) Integrate your System user from MC to CRM
3) DO NOT integrate as the API user in a user context from CRM to MC
4) Perform a guided send from the Marketing Cloud to a SF Audience
5) IER's are not pushed back

Perform mass sends from the Salesforce package UI instead of Marketing Cloud
Integrate your API user from Salesforce to Marketing Cloud as a user as well as system user

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Ludivine Lim John Michniak Matt Thompson Trailhead Meremans Marie-Christin Mittendorf Shankar Narayanan Balasubramanian Kanika Singhal Wiam DB Systel Poorvi Jhawar Susan Thayer Linda Essman Lindsay Stille Cheri Toyne Jacob Crandall Masumi Gupta Richard Khou Christian Albrecht Lisa Stephan Morgan Flaharty Bogdan Enache Maria Ceschan Geraldo Alvarez Christine Potochny Alexander Ritterath Victor Rosado Mohnish Chand Sarah Daley Nino Morales Ediste Paolo Theresa Ramirez Glen McMillan valerie nguyen Jerome Alexis Michael Flowers Pavel HAVLICEK Marialba Scoccia Tianheng Wei John Dixon Vanessa Vazquez Robert Coates Harleigh Shepherd Frank Bridges Amy Henson Molly Roling Michael Diamond Yeshwanth Annapareddy Alexandra Peek Jill Stewart Mario Parise Ali Mushaf Maya Eichrodt Jean-Philippe Senat Shari Kaminsky Bryan Auerbach Natalie L Tanner Goolsby Nich Young Adam Vizard Jon Hensley Jason Scott Amal Bahrini Manish Sharma Alan Regrain Shani Cutting Kate Anderson Clare McKenna Lija Jawahar Anjali Sreekumar Jakub Paduszyński Alan Jaouen Ron Shearer Tyler Vickers Stefano Crepaz Lisa Caroselli Srikanth V Brandon Jefferson Danilo Guerra Aditi Agrawal Ingo Adrian Mary Prunty Joris Guillet Guy Vellacott Giedre Zdanciute Himani Sharma Elevation Solutions Naveen VM Miles Blaine Becky Thomas Karma Dorjee Kristi Rudolph Matei Ionut Streinu Christiane Smokovicz Mary Menke Marcel Stitterich Anjali Rai Susan Winarchick Jeremy Bauman Matthew Newton Christel Brake Christine Tsin Michael Davidson Krishna Kodali Sandesh M Carlton Stroud Daniela Schweizer Debbie Liu Jason Lepes Chad Martin Cristina Borbilau Swetha Mounica Lydia Aspinall

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