Journey Builder sends to the wrong Email Address
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Journey Builder sends to the wrong Email Address

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-6911154 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release March 2020

Should an Entry Source Data Extension contain a field named as EmailAddr, which is a Personalisation String, Journey Builder takes that value to send a Message, not the field or value you have selected.

This is most likely to impact Test Mode as the Email Send will be attempted to a different address to the Contact for the Journey

- Create a Data Extension to use as the Entry Source
- Ensure the EmailAddress DataType field is named EmailAddr
- Create a Journey using the DE mentioned above
- Add an Email Activity into your Journey
- Validate your Jouney, then select Test Mode
- Select to Send an actual Email Message and put in your Email Address

The Email Send will be sent to the value of the EmailAddr field on the Event Source DE, not the Email Address set in the Test Mode feature

Ensure the field using the EmailAddress DataType on your DE is not named EmailAddr

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