Marketing Cloud Connect integrated sends failing after installing package for the FIRST time
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Marketing Cloud Connect integrated sends failing after installing package for the FIRST time

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Last updated 2020-05-28 ·Reference W-7027194 ·Reported By 42 users

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***Existing Package Upgrades***
Existing customers upgrading to version 222.1 are not impacted by this issue. Skip past the next section to the package links below.

***New Package Installations***
Skip this section if you're upgrading from a previous version.

*Sends Originating from Salesforce*
Marketing Cloud Connect email will fail when sending to reports, campaigns, or individual lead, contact, or campaign. When attempting to complete a send, the Email Send will fail with the error:
"CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY record type missing for: Email Send"

*Sends to Salesforce Audience Originating from Marketing Cloud*
Sends to Salesforce audiences originating from the Marketing Cloud will not receive tracking data in Salesforce. Sends will complete successfully in the Marketing Cloud, the tracking results of these sends *WILL NOT* be pushed to the integrated Salesforce org.

1) Install the current Marketing Cloud Connect package (222.1) in Salesforce for the first time
2) Integrate with Marketing Cloud account completely
3) Click on the Marketing Cloud tab and the email send page
4) Fill the required fields to send a new email via the integration
5) Click on the send button
6) Error "CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY record type missing for: Email Send" is presented

1) Navigate to Setup > Users in Salesforce
2) Edit every profile assigned to the integrated users:
3) Navigate to the Custom Record Type Settings section
4) Click on Edit next to Email Sends
5) Add all 3 record types, if not already added
6) Select Trackable Send Definition in the Default dropdown
7) Click Save

Package Installation Links

Production Org:

Sandbox Org:

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