Journey Builder Hangs When Configuring a Salesforce Campaign Entry
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Journey Builder Hangs When Configuring a Salesforce Campaign Entry

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Last updated 2022-05-25 ·Reference W-5778206 ·Reported By 4 users

No Fix

For some customers, when configuring the entry source in Journey Builder using Salesforce data, the list of Salesforce campaigns may not generate.

(Example steps)
1. In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, navigate to Journey Builder
2. Create a new journey from scratch.
3. Drag a 'Salesforce Data Entry' source to the entry source bubble.
4. Select the 'Salesforce Campaign' event. Click Next to enter the 'Define Entry Source' page.
5. The application hangs, meaning the campaign list may not load.

-Navigate out of the 'Define Entry Source' page and click back into it.
-May need to repeat a couple times.
-Eventually the Campaigns will load.


-When defining your Entry Event, create a Saleforce Data entry event instead of a Saleforce Campaign Event
-Select the Campaign Member object
-Select the Campaign you wish to inject contact/leads from by selecting Campaign ID in the filter criteria.

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