Mobile Push Detail Extract Report incorrectly formatted
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Mobile Push Detail Extract Report incorrectly formatted

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Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-6910711 ·Reported By 5 users

In Review

When utilising the 'Mobile Push Detail Extract Report' ExtractType, and a field contains a set of double quotes, along with a comma, the Data Extract delimits the csv file incorrectly.

- Create a MobilePush Message with fields contains double quotes and a comma (for example a Lookup AMPScript function) such as an Inbox Subject line
- Schedule and Send the MobilePush Message
- Configure a Data Extract using the 'Mobile Push Detail Extract Report' ExtractType
- Download the file
- Notice the columns have been delimited beyond the headings of the Extract

The Concatenate function in Excel can help format the file correctly, or use a similar text editor to modify the columns.

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