Settings CloudPage's response header "Cache-Control" to "no-cache,no-store", the "no-store" does not save.
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Settings CloudPage's response header "Cache-Control" to "no-cache,no-store", the "no-store" does not save.

Marketing Cloud Pages/Sites

Last updated 2020-11-09 ·Reference W-6057289 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release October 2020

CloudPages sets the "Cache-Control" HTTP Header to "no-cache" regardless of what is done via SSJS Platform methods such as "HTTPHeader.SetValue.

CloudPages should respect what the customer passes in via SSJS and allow them to use that value for Cache-Control.

1) Create a CloudPage

2) Insert the following HTML in the CloudPage

<script runate="server">

Platform.Load("Core", "1");


HTTPHeader.SetValue("Cache-Control", "no-store");


3) Access the page in developer mode in a browser and check the response headers.

No workaround available at this time.

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