Unable to send to a Data Extension while also using a Custom From Name
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Unable to send to a Data Extension while also using a Custom From Name

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Last updated 2019-08-16 ·Reference W-5574848 ·Reported By 31 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud April 2019 Release

Users will get the below validation error when sending in MobileConnect to a Data Extension while using a custom from name.

"Fix the validation error below to continue.

Enter your custom From Name"

-Go to MobileConnect
-Click Create Message
-Click outbound, next
-Give it a name "FromNameTest"
-Select short code
-Select a Custom From Name and enter a custom name that does not yet exist for your account
-Check "I agree", Click Next
-Select Audience Type Data Extension > Select a DE > Click Next
-Click " Send only to contacts who are subscribed currently " > Continue
-Type "test" in the Outbound Message, Click Next
-Note the final screen shows the From Name that you created
-Click Send, note the validation error stating no from name

1.) Click Save on "Define Properties" after configuring the custom From Name > Finish the message until you generate the error > Go to Overview > Click on the message again > Click Send and it works.

2.) Use list based sending

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