Link View page not matching exported results
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Link View page not matching exported results

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Last updated 2019-11-22 ·Reference W-5418195 ·Reported By 2 users

In Review

When an email contains two links to the same URL, it is possible for exported results for click-per-link data will contain more links and more total clicks than what is displayed in the UI.

1. Create an email containing two links to the same URL
2. Create two test data extensions each containing a different subscriber
3. Perform a send to both data extensions
4. Click on both links several times using all test accounts
5. Wait for tracking to register
6. Go to Email Studio > Email > Tracking > My Tracking > (your new job)
7. Click "Click Activity"
8. Click "Link View"
--Note that you're missing clicks.
10. Click "Export" and select Excel & Browser.
--Note the same link is listed twice with the clicks missing from the UI.

Use aliases for all links in the email.

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