Exporting Discover Report via Email in a PDF format errors
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Exporting Discover Report via Email in a PDF format errors

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Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-5410320 ·Reported By 1 users

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Within the Reporting Application and utilising the Discover Package, it's possible to Export the Report via Email and format the Report in PDF Format. When attempting to Send the Email, the process Errors and shows the following Error.

"Error: Report can’t be sent. Please try again and contact your Salesforce admin if the problem persists."

- Create a Report in Analytics Builder using the Discover Package
- Run the Report
- Select the Email Export option
- Choose the Report Format as PDF and attempt to Send
- Report will process for a short time, then Error in the pop-up window

1) Choose a different format; CSV, XLS or XLSX

2) Select to Export to the Report via PDF to the FTP and download from the FTP Site

3) Continue to re-try until the process is successful.

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