Pipes in Journey Names cause issues with Journey Reports
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Pipes in Journey Names cause issues with Journey Reports

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Reports

Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-4116502 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release January 2021

If you use pipes (|) in the names of Journeys, it throws off the parsing of the names in the Journeys to select to report on.

1. Create a Journey named something like "zJourney_1" and add an email activity to it.
2. Copy the Journey and add a pipe to the name "Journey_2 | Test123".
3. Add audiences/start the Journey
4. Go to the reporting app and create a Journey Builder Email Send Summary report
4. Note that the report returns unexpected results.

Delete Journeys that have a pipe in them if possible. For Journeys that have not previously been activated, the pipe (|) can be removed from the name. After a Journey has been activated, the option to re-name it is no longer available.

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