Omni records are not routing when they were assigned to Omni queue via Field Update
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Omni records are not routing when they were assigned to Omni queue via Field Update

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Last updated 2018-01-06 ·Reference W-4093192 ·Reported By 30 users

Fixed - Spring '18

Field Update actions from Approval Processes and Workflows that change the owner to an Omni Queue doesn't initiate creation of Pending Service Route (PSR) record. Without the PSR record, the records in the Omni Queue will not route to Agents.

Enable Omni
Create a Queue for Case object and Routing Configuration and associate the Routing Configuration to the Queue
Create an Approval Process on Case object
Create a field update with "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change" enabled for Initial Submission Actions
Have the field update update the Case Owner field to the name of the Queue you created
Activate the Approval process
Create a Case to meet the criteria for your Approval Process and save
Submit the Case for Approval
Notice the Case Owner is now the Omni Queue
Use the API (workbench) to query the PSR(PendingServiceRouting) object and search based on the Work Item Id for the Case record you created
Notice there is no PSR created

When an Agent goes Online, you'll notice that the work record does not route to the Agent.

Assign records to the Omni queue manually or via Assignment Rules if applicable.

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