New PSR is not created when moving records between Omni Queues
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New PSR is not created when moving records between Omni Queues

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Last updated 2018-01-06 ·Reference W-4077657 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed - Spring '18

When a record is assigned to an Omni Queue, a Pending Service Route record is created on the backend. That record is what tells Omni to route the work item. If that PSR record isn't created, then the record will not route to an agent.

If a work item in an Omni Queue does not have an associated PSR and you move that work item to another Omni Queue, the PSR is not created. It seems to only look for an existing PSR to update instead of also considering that a PSR might need to be created from scratch when the previous record Owner is an Omni Queue. It works fine if the previous Owner was not an Omni Queue.

Create 2 Omni Queues for Case object with 2 different Routing Configurations
Assign some records to the first Omni Queue (note that PSR's will be created)
Remove the Routing Configuration from the first Omni Queue and save
Re-add the Routing Configuration to the first Omni Queue (notice PSR's are deleted and not recreated, all WAD)
Manually assign a few of the work items in the first Omni Queue to the second Omni Queue
**Notice that assigning the records to the second Omni Queue does not create the PSR.

The only way to have it create a PSR record is to assign the work item to a non-Omni Queue or a User and then assign it back to an Omni Queue.

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