Unable to query user fields from UserPackageLicense
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Unable to query user fields from UserPackageLicense

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Querying User fields from User Package License like,
SELECT Id,Userid,User.Isactive FROM UserPackageLicense

Results in an error stating as follows,

Didn't understand relationship 'User' in field path. If you are attempting to use a custom relationship, be sure to append the '__r' after the custom relationship name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.

1. Login to your org.
2. Go to query editor on Developer Console
3. Try running any of the following queries,
SELECT Id,Userid,User.Isactive FROM UserPackageLicense
SELECT Id,User.Email FROM UserPackageLicense
SELECT Id,User.FirstName FROM UserPackageLicense

4. You can see the above mentioned error.

This is because there is no Relationship defined for User in the UserPackageLicense API.

Querying via multiple API calls would be the suggested workaround.

Reported By (111)

Julie Hauldren Srinivasan Kandaganesan Johan Yu Nadia Essenpreis Aníbal García García Philip Wright Jason Stull Karen Kremer Lionel Messi Matt Hagey Elena O'Neil Shawn Flannery Stephane Paquet Sangeetha Thiagarajan Alex Chibnall Muthu Kumar Karuppiah Mihir Mehta Lloy Sanders Henry Tam Sivamurthy Athisenbagam Aravind Sadhanandham Ajit surendar R Connie Cannon Ian Devita Yassine Abbazi Rick Spencer Andrew Burns Jesús Ramírez Guerrero Valerio Sevilla Krishna Kodali Angel Estremera Josh Trujillo Alex Peguero Yiling Zhang Andrew Ormerod Archie Monterola II Rohan Sinha M. A. Sridhar Maulik Kotadiya Jose Lopez 和弥 吉田 Jason Papp José Carlos Núñez Negrillo Christine Jean Markus Lucht Mohammed Azarudeen BluePrism SFDC Jason Palatucci Paola Ledesma Kristian Hagen Ryan Decker Bruno Mosca Julie Brueggeman Bethany Kohler Geoffrey Swift SY Chan Marine Tabourier Abhay Singh Erick Lindeman Javier Saldana Ketan Patel Sebastian Zdarzyl Alon Waisman Pablo Fébolo Tina Chang Ian Sidle Crystal Karanovich Sai Raj Thota Eric Kendi Shiraishi Gina Cockrum Angel Zaykov Celia Astheimer Sam Rendall Venkata Bandi Chloe Russell Peter Lai Beto Carvalho Sylvia Hsiao Brian Weldon Pruthvi Panchumarthi Diego Gonzaga saddam md Achuth Puri Nick Whitney Ben Kingsley Michelle Grant Derhyk Doggett Ben Neal Marcel Normann Alex Kerschhofer Jason Lestina Joe Turner Abbi Johnson Brett Morgan Salesvue Admin Alex Packard Peter Dupre Andrew Bates William McCullough Kothai Sengodan Swetha Mandava Johnathan Ashley Sivasagar Reddy Palagiri Jason Ziegler Klaas Vlietstra Matt Metzinger Benjamin Barniskis Noris Pasic Dinakar Makam Miguel Serrano Garcia Patrick Watkins

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