Campaign Member custom fields are not available for mapping when adding members via the Data Import Wizard
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Campaign Member custom fields are not available for mapping when adding members via the Data Import Wizard

Campaigns , Spring 16

Last updated 2019-12-17 ·Reference W-2962957 ·Reported By 151 users

No Fix

When attempting to add Campaign Members using the Data Import Wizard, Campaign Member custom fields will not be available for field mapping.

(Prerequisite: have custom fields on the Campaign Member object)

1- From a Campaign record, find the 'Manage Members' menu and select 'Add Members - Import File'.
2- In the Data Import Wizard, select either 'Accounts and Contacts' or 'Leads' under 'What kind of data are you importing?'.
3- In the 'What do you want to do?' section, select 'Add new records' to import new Contact or Lead records as Campaign Members, or 'Update existing records' to add existing Contacts or Leads as Campaign records, and configure as desired.
4- Upload your CSV file containing the records that you Campaign Members that you would like to add or update and click [Next].
5. In the field mapping screen, click 'Change' or 'Map' to map a selected column from your CSV file to a Salesforce field.
6. In the 'Map your field' pop-up, observe that none of your Campaign Member custom fields are available for mapping.

1. Add Campaign Members using the Data Import Wizard.
2. Get the Campaign Member ID for each record that you would like to update and add that to your CSV file as a new column.
3. From the Campaign record, select 'Update Member - Import File' from the Manage Members menu.
4. Proceed to field mapping and confirm that Campaign Member custom fields are available for mapping.

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