Image Formula field not displaying in Napili Community template
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Image Formula field not displaying in Napili Community template

Communities , Winter 16

Last updated 8 days ago ·Reference W-2799238 ·Reported By 109 users

No Fix

Image Formula field shows as broken in Communities using Napili template.

Create a formula field referencing an image (ex: Image("servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=015XXXXXXXXXXXX", '')
Make that field visible to the Community Profiles and add to page layout
Login to Community and view record containing the image field
See the field is broken

1. Define another image formula field for entity with the same label "Image" or something else you like.
2. In "Field-Level Security for Profile" page for the image formula field, only select profile(s) for your external user, like "High Volume Customer Portal", etc. accordingly
3. Hide the original formula field for internal users from the same profile(s) in step 2
3. In community builder's link dropdown list on the top, select "Go to Studio"
4. In studio, from left hand side, select All site content -> Assets -> Images, and import the image files
5. Go back to image formula field created in step 1, you use following image path in IMAGE function:

IMAGE("/<community url>/s/<image file name>", "<alt text>")

like: IMAGE("/jamescommunity01/s/MyAccounts.jpg", "My Accounts")

Reported By (109)

Larry Kiang Jim Levy Jaime Curiel Acosta Jordi Jansen Daniel Rudge Alexandra Peckham Rana AHMED Tuba Arıoğlu Richard GAY Kris Zwetzig Joshua Adams Cedric Verron Moritz Langner Ian Treviranus Patrick McCartan Ariane Fitts paul post Benjamin Fourgeaud Robbi Converse Richard Clark Federico Ridolfi Luca Cappellini Renu Adhikari Vijay Laxmi Pascal Bellat Kiwi Gisi Pavani Karra Bhargavi Ananthoju Mounika J Mai Hoang Trina Banerjee Rebecca Kling Tish Sherwood N-able Admin Aly Carstens Richard Fosu Jeffrey Tanzman Ray Zhao Joshua Kohl Kris Ryan Emilien Guichard Erroll Solomon Albert Lleberia Martínez Gauthier Cane Gerene Tan (Inactive) Naren Pillai Jeana Castenholz Nicky Torstensson Mendy Karp Julianna Lucciano Stefanie Stafford Tom Martin Sandeep Mishra Mikko Laaksolahti Hua Ping Tan Kimbrely Clark Chris Naleway Penrod Software Satish Kadam Weronika Tołłoczko Tony Calero François Poirier Julia Stewart Stephen Wright Ambrose Alward Krystal Carter Talent Rover Administrator Guilherme Galdino Ramalho Alvaro Costa Christina Roosen Mark Bailey Imo Jacobsen Trumaine Matsunaga Moriah Gonzalez Louisa Pidcock Roger Wicki Jonathan Blair Daniel Maxwell Vineet Kumar Jakob Grimshaw Rachel Sellers Vaishnavi Appiya Sivanath Hanee Thaor Abhilash Gupta Consultant CRM Sampatti Jindal Matías Rodríguez LLANOS Mehdi EL BILALI Mark Bailey Victor Durand Arpit Jain Kurtis Teel James Wenham Joel Torrijos Teri Walker Junette Tan Andrea Cruciani Marc Francois Megan Hooser Andy Jimenez Nathan Hembree Brookes Drenik Raghu Virodhula Jennifer Wisner Wes Golland Andrea Galbiati Shawn Butters Kiran Chalamalasetty Carlos Novo

Is it Fixed?

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