LiveChatTranscript records have a Request date of 01/01/1970
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LiveChatTranscript records have a Request date of 01/01/1970

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Last updated 2017-03-28 ·Reference W-2392446 ·Reported By 1 users

Fixed in version LiveAgent.194

Some customers have noticed that some "missed" LiveChatTranscript records have 01/01/1970 as the requested date, which can cause confusion when running a report on transcripts.

This issue is not reproducible on demand, but it appears to affect "Missed" chats more than other chats.

None at this time. If this is impacting your reports, you can use a filter to remove these transcripts, for example

Requested Date | Greater than | 01/01/2014

This would filter out transcripts where the Requested Date is 01/01/1970

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