Unable to upload local files to Chatter after updating to Google Chrome 31
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Unable to upload local files to Chatter after updating to Google Chrome 31

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Last updated 2014-07-25 ·Reference W-1957174 ·Reported By 159 users

Fixed - Spring '14

After updating Google Chrome to version 31, some users are unable to upload local files to their Chatter posts. Google has identified a known issue with their latest build of Chrome 31 and currently have a Priority 1 investigation open to correct the issue from their side. Google is tracking this issue here: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=320160

1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version of Chrome 31.
2. Login to Salesforce and attempt to attach a file to a new Chatter post.
3. The loading screen will continue to run indefinitely.

Users impacted by this may want to use an alternate browser until the issue is resolved. Chrome is typically configured to run updates automatically; however, if Chrome has not yet updated to version 31 you can also temporarily disable automatic updates by following these steps: http://www.chromium.org/administrators/turning-off-auto-updates

Reported By (159)

Charles Wilson Emily Hay Shana Sessler Karen Norteman Lauren Eckenfelder Cara Pepper Day Cherie Lander Exedeus Mike Boese Chris Uttley Brittany Kniep Bentley Victor Santos LeeAnne Rimel Kamal Ranjan Alexis de Lassat Rita Spataro Juha Vuoripelto Mark Bruso Wilfred Isla Stephen Dooley Mike Rydell Dusty Hansen Dan Bergondy Anita Patel Patrick Waples Lisa Breedt Annie Wright Nick Meyer Lee Hildebrand Kate Bischoff Allen Hammock Ryan Fox Rob DeVenuto Sandra Ortiz Laura Boyd thomas jefferson Sandi Kelley Michael Slawnik Phil Medina Ray Dehler Mike Martin David Scott Mattias Nordin Scott Barlow Kaede Holland Alison Johnston Aaron Blair Joseph Ferraro Ricky Lim Michael Stewart Dan Ross Mark Klinski Howie Chan Nicholas Whitney 明子 角田 Alexander Hardt Vishwa Ranjan Sinha Eric Oppegaard Dustin Johnson Michele Buson Benny Xie Tom Eaton Louis Svoboda Mark Epperson Justin Smith Kimberly Phillips Ayala Kerekesh Ryo Takahashi System Admin Brittany Stover Chelsea Handler Frank Neezen William Frazier Tom Tuytschaever Tania Caldow Staci Gilmore Nisse Knudsen Paula Carvalho Chris Halvachs Christophe Averseng Lenny Dvash Kim Young Michael Estes Deployment Build David Pier Ross Riley Dan Moore SFDC Support Florent GUIGNARD Etienne Coutant Mia Mabanta Edwin Hernandez Jeff Stricklin Adam Roderick Peter Ransom Lyndell Buckingham Daniel Bennett Jeremy Semingson Thom Vandenberg Amanda Steffen Sundog Admin Daniel Hoechst Kelly Davis Lisa Jakstas Glenn Weinstein Mike Estes Brian Shun Sleiman Zogheib Paige Posey Sascha Weicht Greg Ewing-Lee Andrew Ottaru Benedikt Vogel Dennis Müller Song Vang Jaime Ledoux Sheetal Kanstiya Steve Powell Fulton Taylor Adam Pepper Steve Williams Mary Pustejovsky Mercedes Ceballos Kelly Hunt Stefano Polo Marc Juliano Nicholas Williams Eric Wu Susan DeFazio John Massey Jim Rae Chris Stolte Cilinie JULIA Helpdesk T4tech Antikat Abdallah Abhi Valaboju Ben Victor Balandan Kristina Lorenz Trina Bentley Kristen Patz Sarika Crystal David Gant Sam Duncan 雄大 嘉屋 David O'Connor Alex Gum John DeFord Dan Maxwell Scott Lundberg Nye Simmons Jose Aleman Tim Smith Timothy Arant Melinda Sisk Ralph Blanco Paul Kissick Bedrosian Bedrosian System Admin Carlos Novo

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