Pardot Wordpress plugin settings not loading
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Pardot Wordpress plugin settings not loading


Last updated 2021-03-11 ·Reference W-8821268 ·Reported By 12 users


Navigating to the Pardot plugin settings in Wordpress fails to load (may result in a 502 error page). This occurs for Pardot accounts that do not have the AMPSEA feature enabled:

1) Authenticate the Pardot Wordpress plugin using credentials from a non-AMPSEA Pardot account.

2) Navigate elsewhere in the Wordpress admin site, then go back and try to load the Pardot plugin settings

This involves changing just one character of code in the plugin file. Steps below:

1) In Wordpress go to Plugin Editor and select the Pardot plugin
2) On the Plugin Files pane, navigate to includes>pardot-api-class.php
3) Line 39 should be “const VERSION = ‘4’;” — change the 4 to a 3, and then Update File.

If you receive an error preventing you from updating the file, please follow these next set of steps to modify the plugin file and manually upload it:

1) Deactivate the current Pardot plugin
2) Download the ZIP file for the plugin from:
3) Unzip and navigate to Pardot>includes, edit the pardot-api-class.php file on line 39 to change “const VERSION = ‘4’;” to “const VERSION = ‘3’;”. ReZIP the file.
4) In Wordpress, under Plugins click “Add New”, and then “Upload Plugin”, ensuring to choose the zip file that you modified in step 3.
5) You should now be able to configure and authenticate the modified plugin, and load up the settings without issue.

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