User Profiles and Permission Sets related to Pardot licensed orgs were modified by Salesforce
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User Profiles and Permission Sets related to Pardot licensed orgs were modified by Salesforce


Last updated 2022-10-04 ·Reference W-6156078 ·Reported By 1000 users


For the latest information on this issue, please read our root cause update:

What’s the issue?

On May 17, 2019, Salesforce blocked access to certain instances after an incident involving broader permissions being applied to users within Salesforce orgs that have -- or previously had -- Pardot. As of May 18, 2019, access for users with a System Administrator profile has been restored to customers affected by the database script issue, and full access has been restored to customers unaffected by the database script issue.

NOTE: Only users within an impacted org could have been granted additional permissions for data within that org. To remedy those permissions, Salesforce blocked access by temporarily reducing permissions on instances and customer orgs, causing the disruption.

What was the impact?

While this issue only impacted customers that use the Pardot service or previously used the Pardot service, to protect our customers, Salesforce blocked access to all instances that contain affected orgs.

How did Salesforce respond?

Salesforce initially blocked access to all instances that contained affected customer orgs. Once we were able to isolate the affected orgs, we restored access to non-affected customer orgs. As of May 18, 2019, access for users with a System Administrator profile has been restored to affected customer orgs. We continue to work to restore permissions for affected orgs to where they were prior to this issue.

What actions can I take now?

Now that we have restored administrator access to all affected orgs, please see the workaround section for details on how to restore your profiles and user permissions

Not Applicable

Can I restore my profiles and user permissions?

Two options exist to restore production profiles and permissions from a Sandbox Copy

Option 1: Sandbox containing production profiles and permission sets exists

- To determine if your Sandbox Copy contains a valid backup of the data, check the Profiles and Permission Sets in Setup under “Administration/Users”.

- If your non-admin profiles are configured such that all of the “Standard Object Permissions” (Read, Create, Edit, Delete) are unchecked, then the sandbox org was impacted and is not a valid source for recovery.

- Object permissions may be deployed from Sandbox to Production orgs.

Please see the documentation links below for details.

Change Set Documentation:

Ant Migration Tool Documentation:


- The Sandbox configuration may be outdated and not identical to the production org before the incident. Carefully review these settings before deploying them to production. We recommend testing with a subset of profile and permission sets before migrating all en masse.

- Profile metadata for object permissions require the associated object and dependent components to be included in the same deployment for change sets. Since it is not possible to include standard objects as components in change sets, deploying profiles to reset object access is not advisable and will not work for standard objects.

Admins may deploy permission sets without including related object metadata as components in a change set to reset permission set object access.

​​​​​​​If deploying profiles, it is recommended to leverage the Metadata API and supported client tool such as the Ant Migration Tool or IDE.

Option 2: Sandbox containing production profiles and permission sets does not exist

If a Sandbox containing production profiles and permission sets does not exist and there is an organizational need for you to restore, Admins can manually modify Profile and Permission Set configurations to grant appropriate access to their users.

Edit Profiles Documentation:

Permission Sets Documentation:

I'm an Admin experiencing errors logging into my org. What should I do?

- If you are unable to log into your Salesforce org as a user with a System Administrator profile, please contact Salesforce for help resolving this issue.

How do I modify permissions or profiles that are uneditable?

- Admins of affected orgs are able to modify Custom Profiles and Permission Sets only.
Salesforce is working on restoring edit capabilities for Standard Profiles and Permission Sets.

As a Field Service Lightning (FSL) administrator, how can I update the Permission Sets that it requires?

- Please see the following document for instructions on how to update Field Service Lightning Permission Sets:

When I try to edit a Custom Profile, I receive an error message about dependencies. What should I do?

These dependency errors can be resolved by identifying the permission depended upon, and toggling it off and then back on in the Profile.

NOTE: Please make sure you want the designated permission enabled. These error messages are expected when the required permission is not enabled for the user.

1. Go to the Setup tree and click on the "User Management Settings" node under the "Manage Users" sections, and turn off the "Enhanced Profile User Interface".

2. Edit the Custom Profile and click OFF and ON for every user permission that is resulting in an error.

- For example, if you see the error "Permission Manage Cases depends on permission(s): Create Cases, Delete Cases, Edit Cases, Read Cases" then click OFF AND ON for the user permission "Manage Cases."

When I try to edit a Custom Permission Set, I receive an error message about dependencies. What should I do?

These dependency errors can be resolved by identifying the permission depended upon, and toggling it off and then back on in the Permission Set.

NOTE: Please make sure you want the designated permission enabled. These error messages are expected when the required permission is not enabled for the user.

1. Go to the Setup tree and click on the "User Management Settings" node under the "Manage Users" sections, and turn off the "Enhanced Profile User Interface"

2. Using the API/Workbench, turn off the affected user permissions identified in the dependency errors, in one API call. This will be on the PermissionSet object.

3. Go to Setup, edit the Custom Permission Set, turn on the same user permissions disabled in step 2.This will set the dependent object permissions.

- For example, if you see the user permissions dependencies error, "Permission Manage Cases depends on permission(s): Create Cases, Delete Cases, Edit Cases, Read Cases" then take the following steps to toggle the "Manage Cases" permission:

-- Using the API/Workbench, update the Permission Set record to turn off this permission: PermissionsManageCases.
-- Using Setup in the browser, edit the Permission Set to turn on "Manage Cases."

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Wendy Zangl Laurie Tobias Francis Flores Zach Ackerman Eric Magnuson pankul gupta Jeffrey Mirenda Donna Heyvaert Michelle Stolting Laura Rodbro Eric Bertucat Sam Davyson Tony Kayyali Jürgen Ensinger Amy Collins Brian Kodai Katy Roberts Heather TH McLemore Hussam Fawzy Brian Fluckiger Elise Franchi Kristen Putikka Jonathan Pace Narayanan Lakshmanan Kevin Hart Serenity McCaw Angela Dalle-Molle Lynn Lund Sowmya Vutukuru Ann Beattie Julien Le Dantec Sam George Theodore Salgado Shell Black Daniel Byrne Marc-Adrien Paris Conner Leo Kevin Moore Louisa Barrett Christian Haller Kostadin Tomov Annette Higgins Onttu Lindeman Jennifer Borkovich Geert De houwer Christopher Mulcahy Kalyan Lanka Jonas Winberg Johanna Ciezczak Josh Kerber Ankur Arora Anawat (Ice) Tarr Susan Kolb joe bradley Raj Salvi Christopher Baloloy Ashlee Adams Amanda Sepe Meera Raman Jay Sallafranque Mike Woolfrey Tony Ward Ryan Lewis Lakshminarayana Medikonda Tsvetan Georgiev John Marketing HCI Salesforce Admin Central SupportQA Deb Papay Geoff Vincelette Varun Chaddha Ian Richardson Santosh Kumar William Bixby Jordan Arvin Greg Poirier Kristen Santomauro Josh Hanger Jim Wood Brenda Allamong Jeroen Naafs Bill Button SFDC Prod Support Raj Patel Arne van Veen James L Sean-Work Willis Eric van Horssen Nicolas MAUREL Simone Magnoni it admin PGS BC-data Cloud Concept Adam Palmer Rocco Sorrentino Romain Bablot Dennis Poole Georgina Seal Paras Bhatt Sweety Dongre Wim van Strien Chun Wei Lee Jhomann Carreon Jamie Saward Bharath Samanthula Madelene Wärja Elad Oz Rahul Jagadale Nicola Mele Cooper Dinning Ilya Popov Koby Mizrahy Bernd Steinhauer Aaron Goldblatt Jodi Roark Sonal Gupta Joanna Esguerra Karen Stock SREERAM KANTAMANI Matt Kurtz Maurice Provo Michael Wray Mike Kiffel Tim Blischke Rajiv Kolluru Kim Noceda Salesforce Administrator Christine Miller Camron Shahmirzadi Sean Allen Bill Beauchene Bobby Capulong Lonnie Barish Ken Milhous Jen Bowen Meredith Long Jean-Philippe Bertrand David Noble Amy Crouch Sarana Sabbi Sumanth Vankadara Jagannatha Reddy Kathy Vanucie Steve Brooke Andres Baesso Domenick Verga Anabel Kiely Mike Olson Salesforce Administrator Jonathan Babbitt Golnaz Haghnegahdar J M Cristian Diaz Vicki Harrell C Casey Dinesh Annapareddy Omer Paz Chris Chahinian Krista Santucci Sridhar Radhakrishnan Jeff Lup Will Bowen Jeff Sullivan Scott Goley Samantha Basuk Michael Duplessis David Sarbello Matt Deichler Alicia Griffith Jordan Tucker Sean Sarder Steve May Shakh Alam Yuki Taka Heather Creel Chris Chin Lakshman Bugude Lakshman Bugude Aleksandra Radovanovic Saulo Rodrigues Ashley Hayes OnePlace Support Steve Powell Thomas Nieman Lisa Trachsel Karthik P Bart Rodenbaugh James Browne Michael Mattiaccio Vertex Admin Stephanie Roberts Moon Vijay Sharma Riley Olson Tyson Parody Claudia Vickery Heather Hanson Matt Baker Kumar Saxena James Dove AERO EFRONTECH Andy Sackley Kendra Kaiser Chris Deroba Carly Mandel Cody L. Finchum Alex Sloan Sundhar Lakshminarasimhan Roger Farrow Reyna Santamaria Sales Force Admin Alicia Walters Paul Harris Cassidy Hodge Karin McWilliams James Haworth Julie Conrad Jan Ackermann Nishanth Bharamanlapelli Anna Adams Karan Sethi Anthony Lockmon Paula Quirós LaNae Christenson Lou Times Nik Rentas Louie Amadine Tan Christian Dahlberg Jessica Habblett Tom Linstead Bridget Dubas Joseph Englert Tiffany Dunn Phil Calzadilla Glenn Williams Scaled Agile, Inc Eelco de Vries Melanie Spriggs Kaylee Gray Huw Morgan Traci Kim Vaheh Hartoonian Benjamin Pirih Lisa Malmanger Andan Lauber Brendon Wilkinson Presence Product Group Andrea Start Gregory Irwin Marcel den Boer Mostafa Younis Mike Hogan Marcus Dietz James Dubcak Derek Kipps Pedro Fernández Jiménez Andy Boettcher Joe Baker Norma DeMatt Leah Johnson Chris McNair Lilian Alonso Blake Carter Benjamin Bratcher Ryan Stephens Kan Akutagawa Lin Showalter Sarath Reddy Melissa Mueller Pete Castagnetta Dave Shelton Chris Morgan Gabriel Garcia Patrick Fischer Kevin Lyons Örjan Sandgren Drew Allison Hillary Lamb Michelle Elliott michael farrell Brent Mellow Sunny Solanki Gaurav Saraswat Jelle van Geuns Maria Belli (DO NOT USE) Manjit Pahniser Alison LaRocco Wendy Byerly Nicole Kearney Tammy Camp Adam Chandler Matt Smith Steven Taunk Stephen Haberman Sergio Valle Christina Bishop Sherry Weston Nitheesh Kurapati Katie Campbell Venkata Rachakonda Nathan Cote Mike Schmidt Sharlet Wentzell Lorraine Sanchez Revathi Muthukumar Jake R Hugo Pereira Luciano Castro Allison Lewinson Robby Johnson SF - Amanda Doolittle Brittany Badertscher Vincent Drader Tom Blankemeier James Hahn C D

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