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Rerendering second time does not work if immediate="true"


Rerendering of apex:inputfield works when we we click on a commandbutton with immediate="true" first time. Howerver, if we click on the button second time without making any change on the fields to be passed as parameters, it does not work.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 22 ·Updated 2021-05-26

Database.emptyRecycleBin() throws INVALID_ID_FIELD when attempting to empty deleted records of CaseComment type from recycle bin

Apex , Custom Objects

Database.emptyRecycleBin() throws INVALID_ID_FIELD when attempting to empty deleted records of CaseComment type from recycle bin Expected result: records deleted Actual result: INVALID_ID_FIELD exception

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 15 ·Updated 2021-05-26

Pricebooks tab related issues on non-English langs

Sales and Marketing , User Interface

We have 2 issues around Pricebook tab for non English langs. 1) missing PriceBook icon on All Tabs page 2) Pricebook tab is not highlighted and the Product tab next to the price book highlighted white

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2021-04-08

Browser spell checker not working in Case Feed UI

Service , Service Cloud Console

The browser spell check feature (right-click on an incorrectly spelled word) does not work within the Case Feed Answer Customer publisher. The browser appears to recognize the misspelled words still, but when right clicking, the only option now seen is "paste". This only occurs when the rich text...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 33 ·Updated 2018-03-30

When creating a new record by Quick Create Action, can't set field values in Trigger if fields are not included in Quick Create Action Page layout


When creating a new record via a Quick Create Action, it's not possible to set field values in an ApexTrigger if those fields are not included in the Quick Create Action Page layout. ACTUAL: The trigger generates an INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE Error on saving the record via Quick Create Action. ...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2018-01-17

Incorrect URL formatting used in case comment notification emails sent by external community users when org has MyDomain feature enabled

Portal , Service , Summer 13

When community users add comments to cases, the case comment notification emails that are sent to the case owner contain an incorrect Case URL. This only happens if the Org has Custom Domains (OrgDomains) enabled. ACTUAL: Case comment emails contain the community prefix within the Case URL. This...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 7 ·Updated 2017-04-14

Unable to check their Bulk Data Load jobs from setup monitoring page


When accessing Bulk Data Load jobs from setup monitoring page, the page renders with the following message: An internal server error has occurred An error has occurred while processing your request. The support team has been notified of the problem. If you believe you have additional...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2017-04-14

Winter '14 - Cannot set up debug logs for certain users

Apex , API , Winter 14

In Winter '14, system administrators are unable to set up debug logs for certain users.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 110 ·Updated 2015-06-18

Cannot add/edit opportunity splits in Winter '14 for certain user locales. The total split is not calculated correctly

Sales and Marketing , Winter 14

A split cannot be added to an opportunity for users with certain user locales (any that uses a comma as a decimal separator). When you enter in the percentages, it just places the values beside each other instead of adding them. E.g. entering 50% for split amount for to members, the system shows...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2015-06-01

Unable to create a community in specific orgs

Summer 13

Unable to create communities in certain orgs that have external ID or unique fields, validation rules, or triggers on the user object. The error appears "Oops, something went wrong; please refresh the page and try again" after trying to create a community.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 12 ·Updated 2015-05-29

Email Message Storage Usage is inaccurate.

User Interface

The figures for the Email Messages object in the Storage Usage page under Data Management do not reflect the current number of non deleted records, both at the individual user level and at the overall organization level. Many times the record count may be correct but, the MB storage usage will not change. This...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 38 ·Updated 2015-05-07

Clear Code Coverage button does not show on Winter 14 release

Winter 14

With Winter 14, the Clear coverage button and coverage column fields are no longer displayed on the page of Setup->Apex class. This change is not documented on the release notes.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 219 ·Updated 2015-05-05

Change set deployment in production runs all Apex tests even when components are only reports

Apex , Metadata

ACTUAL RESULT ============= Deploying a change set in production which contains only reports results in all apex tests being run. EXPECTED RESULT =============== Apex tests should not be run if the deployment does NOT contain certain components as described in the Apex docs here. http://ww...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 14 ·Updated 2015-05-04

Search for user returns no results on second search when scheduling a dashboard refresh and looking for users to email dashboard

Analytics , Search , Summer 13

On a scheduled dashboard page, the email dashboard section, if you search for a user and select it, then you search for another user, the search will appear blank. This is primarily occurring for large organizations, with many users.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 24 ·Updated 2015-04-15

"Duplicate relationship name" error on metadata deployment

Apex , Packaging , Metadata

Packages that contain lookup fields having the same child relationship names to the same object are installed, deployment of the object metadata including those lookup fields results in the "Duplicate relationship name" error

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 2015-04-04

Error When Responding to Meeting Request


An error, "Meeting Request Unavailable", is displayed if an Event invitee attempts to respond to the invite in a browser that has already authenticated into another Salesforce org.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 43 ·Updated 2015-03-31

Push Notifications not working for custom fields

Service Cloud Console

When Push Notifications are enabled for fields, custom fields behave differently from standard fields. When a standard field is modified, the user will see this field turn bold/italic as expected. When a custom field is modified, the field does not turn bold/italic, though the list row does correctly...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2015-03-23

Error in Winter '14 to Summer '13 Change Set deployment, with a custom object: CancelEdit is not a standard action and cannot be overridden

Custom Objects , Summer 13 , Winter 14

When deploying or validating a change set, with a custom object, from a Winter '14 sandbox to a Summer '13 org, you will receive the following error: CancelEdit is not a standard action and cannot be overridden. There are actually 3 offending actions: CancelEdit is not a standard action and cannot...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 104 ·Updated 2015-02-02

Object type not accessible in Visualforce pages accessed from list views if "Filter By Campaign" and "Filter By Additional Fields" is used.

VisualForce , User Interface

If a custom button on a Contact or Lead list view links to a Visualforce page, and the list view uses both filter types "Filter By Campaign" and "Filter By Additional Fields", then the page may throw the error: Object type not accessible. Please check permissions...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2015-01-21

"Visitor IP Address" field added as a column to CRT for Live Agent Chat Transcript reports are not displayed correctly in matrix format

Analytics , Live Agent

Visitor IP Address field values do not display correctly as a column in a matrix report created from a Custom Report Type (CRT) for the Live Agent Transcript object.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2015-01-15

Adding Picklist Values results in an Internal Server Error

Picklist Values which were removed from the Field via Metadata deploy but not removed from the Record types to which they were associated result in an Internal Server Error when they are re-added to the picklist. This is due to an orphaned row on the Record type. Typically the Error thread will end...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 9 ·Updated 2015-01-06

Winter '14 - Clicking on "Estimate your organization's code coverage" returns an Internal Server Error

Apex , Winter 14

Clicking on "Estimate your organization's code coverage" returns an Internal Server Error on Winter '14 orgs

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 71 ·Updated 2014-10-12

"URL No Longer Exists" error message thrown when clicking "here" link on Insufficient Privileges error when trying to delete Email record on Case

Service , User Interface

Specifically, when a user who does not have privileges to delete Email records tries to do a delete, they correctly receive the error message below: ************************************************** Insufficient Privileges You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2014-09-25

551 "Mailhost is on our global block list". See

Email Clients , Messaging

Some organizations sending mail to companies that use McAfee SaaS may see "Mailhost is on our global block list". Some Salesforce MTAs seem to be on a specific McAfee RBL due to a mail loop. We are working to drop loops with some organizations. This will remove the MTA IPs from the RBL when mail volumes...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 2014-09-04

Knowledge suggested articles side bar does not pre filter in SCC when data category mapping is implemented.

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

Some customers have observed that when you map a certain field using data category mapping, and access a case, the Suggested articles sidebar displays articles BUT when you click on the filter, we see no filters being applied. When you access the articles via the related list, the filter is populated....

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2014-08-27

Lookup search to name fields does not work if first name contains a space.

Search , User Interface

When using a lookup to do a search on Users, Leads, or Contacts records that have a "space" in their first name will not be returned in the results as expected. UPDATE: **This issue has been fixed by the enabling of Enhanced look-ups on the affected object, simply go to Setup>Customize>Search>Search...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 57 ·Updated 2014-08-06

Salesforce for Outlook: "Send and Add" using the side panel doesn't add the body of the email (Version 2.3.2)

Email Clients , Outlook

When using the feature Send and Add from the side panel for a newly composed email the mail is inserted into Salesforce as a task but the body of the email doesn't populate into the comments in the task

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 68 ·Updated 2014-07-25

Salesforce for Outlook: dialog boxes for Choose Sync Method and Delete Warnings aren’t sized correctly

Email Clients , Outlook

The Choose Sync Method and Delete Warnings dialog boxes in Salesforce for Outlook Settings aren’t sized correctly and don’t fit all elements, such as the Next, Back, and Cancel buttons.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 24 ·Updated 2014-07-25

Internal Server Error when editing a page layout that contains a Report Chart using Internet Explorer 9

Analytics , Winter 14

An internal server error is being received when editing a page layout that contains a report chart when using IE9

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2014-07-24

Deploying a change set containing approval process whose entry criteria is referring to RecordType fails with an Error

Packaging , Metadata

Deploying a Change Set results in an error if the change set contains an approval process for a custom object and the entry criteria of the approval process is referring to a Record Type field.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 2014-06-10

In a bar chart, clicking a dataseries name in the legend makes that dataseries' color disappear from the chart


In a bar chart, clicking on the name of a data series on a Visualforce chart's legend makes the colours provided via the chart's colorset attribute be ignored.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 18 ·Updated 2014-05-12

Salesforce for Outlook: events created on some mobile devices don't sync

Email Clients , Outlook

Syncing events with Salesforce for Outlook doesn't recognize events that have been created in Outlook on certain mobile devices such as iOS devices or events created using Outlook Web access. These events will not sync into Salesforce.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 14 ·Updated 2014-04-30

Salesforce for Outlook: social contact image isn't displayed in the Side Panel

Winter 13 , Email Clients , Outlook

In Winter 13, if you have the Social Accounts and Contacts feature and the Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel enabled, the side panel should display either Facebook® or Twitter™ profile pictures for contacts and leads that maintain profile pictures on those sites. However, due to technical issues profile...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 9 ·Updated 2014-04-30

Cut/Copy (on Right-Click Menu) is Not Available for Rich Text Area Fields in Chrome or Safari

Custom Objects , Summer 13

After the Summer '13 release, in Safari and Chrome, users will notice that when right-clicking in a Rich Text Area field, the only option available is "Paste." The "Cut" and "Copy" options do not display.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 13 ·Updated 2014-04-29

Incorrect Custom Activity Field Usage in Performance Edition Orgs

Activities , AppExchange

In Performance Edition orgs, activity limit shows incorrect custom field usage, causing unable to create new custom field on activity object, or unable to install some package which has custom activity field.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2014-04-25

Winter '14: Timeout occurs when searching to add a user to existing Queue or Public Gruop

Performance , Sharing , Winter 14

In some organizations that have been upgraded to the Winter '14 release, trying to search for users to add to an existing queue or public group results in a timeout error like the one below: Time limit exceeded Your request exceeded the time limit for processing. Click here to return to the previous...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 10 ·Updated 2014-03-17

Error messages coming from validation rules are merged in Visualforce pages using <apex:pageMessages>


Error messages that are not equal to an existing message in the context are being weeded out because they contain, or are contained by an existing message in the context.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 7 ·Updated 2014-02-13

"New Contact" button missing after clicking "go to list" on Account Detail Page

Sales and Marketing , Summer 13

When clicking "go to list" on the Contacts Related List in the Account Detail Page, the "New Contact" button is missing.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Inline Edit on Rich Text Area Field in Case Feed Behaves Unexpectedly


When double-clicking on a Rich Text Area field to perform inline editing in the Case Feed Detail UI, it fails due to a javascript error.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Activate (Activer) link/button for Sandbox does not work if user language is set to French


The Activate (Activer) link/button for Sandboxes does not work if your user language is set to French, but the same link works if the user language is set to English.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Internal Server Error when creating an Opportunity when Products are required and user doesn't have access to Price Books

Sales and Marketing

An internal server error with an ID similar to the one below can be received when creating an Opportunity. Error ID: 769695483-7124 (-266561155)

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Unable to add profiles to Managed Visualforce pages in a Winter 14 subscriber org

Packaging , VisualForce , Winter 14

In winter 14 orgs its not possible to enable profile access to visualforce pages that are part of a managed package. When clicking on the security link on the VF page, adding a profile then clicking save throws an Insufficient Privileges error.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Apex class won't complile when namespace is empty when we work with FieldSet in a specific way


-When creating a Apex Class part of Managed Package in Dev Org, using Schema.FieldSets method, we can discover fields only using Namespace prefix for FieldSetLabel as below: SObjectType.<ObjectName>.FieldSets.<NameSpacePrefix__FieldSetLabelName>.getFields(); eg: SObjectType.Field_Set_Object__c.FieldSets.CAPackageShare__TestFieldSet.getFields(); ...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2014-02-13

Dashboard Table Components not clickable in Internet Explorer

Analytics , Winter 14

When using Internet Explorer, users are unable to drill-down to source reports of dashboard table components.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 20 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Case Feed - Enabling "Require Use of Rich Text Editor" setting breaks several features in Email Publisher

Service , User Interface

Customer's who have enabled Case Feeds, and are using the Email publisher, will find that certain features are not working when the "Require Use of the Rich Text Editor" option is enabled on Feed View page layouts. Below is a sample set of feature that are not working with this setting is enabled: -...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 19 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Unable to configure state & country picklists in Professional, Group, Contact Manager, and Personal Edition orgs

Sales and Marketing , User Interface

An error message is received when configuring State & Country picklists in Professional, Contact Manager, and Personal Edition orgs Error: The state and country picklist configuration page couldn't open. Please refresh the page.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 9 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Running Batch apex on article type throws an internal server error


When using Batch Apex on Article type, the system returns "Internal Salesforce Error".

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Winter '14: Entries in "items to approve" list are not removed as approvals are processed using Home tab in the Salesforce Console

Service , Service Cloud Console , Winter 14

With the release of Winter '14, it's now possible to include the standard Home tab in Salesforce Console applications (Sales and Service), which includes support for the "Items to Approve" list on the Home tab. When you approve an item form the "items to approve" list on the Home tab, the approval...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Critical Update - Generate correctly escaped markup has not been enabled on the expected date, March 12, 2013


Critical Update - Generate correctly escaped markup has not been enabled on the expected day, March 12, 2013 CRUC

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Error Received when non-admin users run Cross Filter reports on activities

Activities , Analytics

An Internal Server Error is being received when non-admin users try to view Account reports that have an activity cross filter.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Joined report based on a custom report type on a custom object is missing in a uploaded managed package

Analytics , Packaging

Joined report based on a custom report type on a custom object is missing in a uploaded managed package

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-12-19

SOSL search on HTML documents not returning expected results when Document.Body contains multiple HTML tags on the same line


For Document SObjects whose content type is .html / .htm, the HTML tags are not being parsed properly if they occur on the same line. As a result, strings in individual tag pairs become unsearchable.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-12-19

apex:actionStatus does not respect prependId attribute in apex:form


apex:actionStatus does not respect prependId attribute in apex:form

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-12-19

No HTTP response from network capture when making an API call to SFDC


When posting data to SFDC, it returns connection timeout. From the network capture, it returns "No http response" from SFDC.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Delegated Partner Portal Admin User unable to access/edit/save value in "username" field when creating new partner users if also enabled for SSO

Platform , Portal , Partner

Customers who have configured Delegated Partner Portal Admin Users in their partner portals, and also have these same delegated portal admin users enabled for Single Sign-On (SSO), have found that they are unable to access/edit/save value in "username" field.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Winter '14: Entitlement Versioning feature not available in Setup post release

Service , Winter 14

As part of the Winter '14 release, the Entitlement Versioning feature is being made generally available, and should be enabled, and available in Setup by default post release. However, customers who have orgs that have been upgraded to Winter '14 already, have found that they cannot enable this feature...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-12-19

"URL No Longer Exists" Error on Recurring Tasks Warning

Activities , Winter 14

In Winter '14, a warning message is displayed when editing recurring Tasks. Within the warning, there is a "Learn More" link. When clicking this link, a "URL No Longer Exists" error is returned.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Accessing an invalid article url returns http 401 status code on site

Sites , Knowledge

If a user is accessing an invalid article url throught site, the page assigned to "Authorization Required Page" is displayed to the end user. The return http code is 401

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-12-19 record insert appends escape character for doubleQuotes in text fields. record insert appends escape character for doubleQuotes in text fields. Issue does not affect richTextArea fields as on form submission, the doubleQuote character is Html encoded.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Unable to upgrade package if custom app is deleted in the subscriber org


Unable to upgrade package if custom app is deleted in the subscriber org. When the permission set is updated during package upgrade, salesforce verifies access to custom apps. Since the custom app is deleted, an error is thrown.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-12-19

User Validation Rule causes Internal Server Error when triggered from "My Settings"/ "Personal" if Validation Error is set to Display at Top of Page

When a User record is edited via My Settings/ Personal and a Validation Rule with its Error Location set to "Top Of Page" is triggered, the result is an Internal Server Error.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Mass Deletion of Products will not work if all selected products need to be archived, even if that option is selected.


A user will be unable to mass delete Products using the mass delete wizard if all of the Products that are selected have related opportunity line items that must be archived. This option will fail regardless of whether or not the option in step 4 "Archive Products that have associated line items...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-12-19

Clicking Article Tabs in Service Cloud Console Causes Article to Unexpectedly Refresh

Knowledge , Service Cloud Console

When viewing a tabbed Knowledge Article in the Service Cloud Console, clicking an Article tab to navigate will cause the entire Article to refresh and inadvertently return the view to the first tab.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-12-19

State and Country Picklists - Adding Country and State when there is some other error in the record Changes State Value to --None--

Summer 13

When an Error occurs on the Create or Edit Page of a Record which Supports State and Country Picklists the State Value Changes to --None--.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2013-11-11

DevConsole queries for ApexPageMember and ApexComponenetMember on orgs

Apex , , Developer Console

In a org, this message show up on dev console load: Could not fetch symbol tables or timestamps forcontainerId = {1dc_ID_STRIPPED} containerMemberId=null: 400 - Bad Request - [{"message":"\nSELECT Id, Body, LastSyncDate,ContentEntityId, ContentEntity.Name\n ...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-22

When forecast category picklist values are translated, the value is set to omitted when editing an opportunity that is not set to omitted

Sales and Marketing

When forecast category picklist values have been translated using the translation workbench, we can see the translated values when viewing the opportunity. However when you edit an opportunity that is not set to omitted the forecast category picklist defaults to omitted. Thus a user can save an opportunity...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-21

Reply or Reply All button is nonfunctional in the case chatter feed

User Interface , Service Cloud Console , Summer 13

The Reply or Reply All button is nonfunctional in the case chatter feed.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 19 ·Updated 2013-10-20

@RestResource annoted class in managed released package cannot be edited in patch orgs.

Apex , Packaging

@RestResource annoted class in managed released package cannot be edited in patch orgs. Compile Error: Cannot add the @RestResource annotation in a patch release....

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 19 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Identical custom object name causes Missing Organization Feature error on manage package installation

AppExchange , Packaging

There is an issue when installing a managed package into an organization when the package contains an object that has a name identical to an existing object in the destination organization.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 8 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Live Chat Transcripts being stored with a Request Time of 1/1/1970

Live Agent

Customers have reported some Live Chat Transcripts appearing with a "Request Time" of 1/1/1970 or a similarly odd date. This issue appears to be random, and most often affects "Missed Chat" records. This issue occurs due to the failure of an underlying infrastructure component in the Live Agent technology...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Owner not added to opp team and splits for opportunities created during lead convert if the lead has changed owners.

Sales and Marketing , Summer 13

Lead owned by one user, and converted by admin user, have splits / team member rows incorrectly assigned to converting admin user, and not oppty owner post convert

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Session Timeout for Portal Users

Portal , Sites

Session timeout does not reset for user logged into portal through site.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Chatter auto follow not working for Cases in some organizations.


For some organizations the ability to auto-follow in Chatter Cases that you create or are assigned is not currently working. This occurs even though the user's follow limit has not been reached and the Owner field is tracked on Cases.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Using FeedItem.addError in a FeedItem trigger when posting a Dashboard Component snapshot, throws an Internal Server Error

Apex , Chatter

Using FeedItem.addError in a FeedItem trigger when posting a Dashboard Component snapshot, throws an Internal Server Error

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-20

System.assertEquals() fails for identical Map<ID,ID> in summer 13

The System.assertEquals(Map<ID,ID> , Map<ID,ID> ) fails for identical Map<ID,ID> in summer 13.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Chatter Moderator Unable to Deactivate/Activate Chatter Free User


According to H&T: It states that "A moderator is a Chatter user with some additional privileges such as - Activate or deactivate Chatter Free users, Assign a Chatter Free user as moderator or take the privilege away and...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-10-20

On IE7 & IE8 Highlight panel in Service Cloud Console gradually disappears if you continuously switch between tabs

Service Cloud Console

When using IE7 & IE8 only, the Highlight panel in Service Cloud Console gradually disappears if you continuously switch between tabs.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-10-20

HTML email view and editor not fully visible when sending an email using an HTML template in Communities.

Portal , User Interface , Summer 13

The view of an HTML email template and the tools to edit it do not display correctly when attempting to send an email when logged into a Communities portal.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Defer Sharing UI displays incorrect status following successful sharing recalculation


After the recalculation triggered by resuming sharing operations (a.k.a. undeferring sharing), the defer sharing UI continues to display a "recalculating" status even after the Background Jobs page shows successful completion and a success email has been delivered to the user who initiated the sharing...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Unable to delete an outbound message from Setup | Monitoring | Outbound Messages

Messaging , User Interface

When try to delete an outbound message from Setup | Monitoring | Outbound Messages, the outbound message remains after the page is refreshed.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Live chat transcript does not get auto-related to a case when 'Enable suggested articles' is enabled

Live Agent

Cases do not get auto-related to chat transcript when support setting 'Enable suggested articles' is enabled

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-20

File icons messed up for files showing up in the global search

Search , Summer 13

When you search for files using the global search and get some results back, you will see that all of the files have the MS word icon or some weird icon no matter what type of file they are (like pdf, jpg, etc).

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-20

Cannot assign/change existing page layout/Object permissions using the Enhance Profile User Interface in PE orgs.

Platform , User Interface

Some customers have observed that they get the following error when they try to make certain changes such as changing page layouts, object permissions,etc., Insufficient Privileges You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2013-10-07

Receive UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW when changing an Autonumber format and executing DML operations in Apex tests during deployment


If an autonumber fields format is changed during a deployment, a lock is held, which causes any Apex tests that attempt to insert records of this entity to fail with the error 'UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW'.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2013-10-03

Primary tab is not opening in the service cloud console for My Domain organisations

VisualForce , Service Cloud Console , Summer 13

In My Domain enabled organisations, the UI event responsible for opening the primary tab is not firing.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-10-03

chatter:newsFeed rerenders incorrectly when the feed contains a poll

Chatter , VisualForce , Summer 13

A page using chatter:newsFeed falls within an element that is to be re-rendered. When a poll is part of the feed, any response during the re-render modifies the formatting of the feed items in the component incorrectly.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2013-10-03

Phone number doesn't auto populate in Softphone layout while transferring the call within a Visualforce Page


Phone number doesn't auto populate in Softphone layout while transferring the call within a Visualforce Page. Affects all CTI versions, not the Open CTI.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-03

"Package upload error" occurs when trying to upload a new version of package which includes Joined Report.

Analytics , Packaging

There are some occasions where you cannot upload your package which includes one or more Joined Reports. The error message is like below: "Package upload error There are problems that prevent this package from being uploaded. Report XXXX Unable to include components from personal or unfiled...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-03

"View" button on Files tab doesn't work on Summer '13

Content and Files

Customers may encounter the issue that a window is not opened when they click the "View" button for a file, which is a part of a Content Pack, on the Files tab on Summer '13.

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-03

Unable to merge account/contact records that have a custom look-up field related to "Account" or "Contact" on Opportunity Team

Platform , Sales and Marketing , User Interface , Spring 13 , Summer 13

Some customers have observed that they receive the following error when they attempt to merge account records using the Account/Contact Merge Wizard. An internal server error has occurred An error has occurred while processing your request. The support team has been notified of the...

Fixed - Winter '14 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2013-10-03



AP0 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP3 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP4 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP5 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP6 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP7 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP8 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP9 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP10 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP11 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP12 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP13 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP14 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP15 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP16 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP17 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP18 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP19 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP20 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP21 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP22 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP24 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP25 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP26 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP27 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AP28 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 AUS1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS11 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS27 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS26S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS25 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS24S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS23 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS22S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS3 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS43 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS5 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS6S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS7 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 AUS9 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 BRA1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 BRA2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 BRA4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN17 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN11 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN6S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CAN8S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS1 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS2 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS4 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS5 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS6 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS7 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS8 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS9 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS10 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS109 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS108 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS107 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS106 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS105 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS102 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS101 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS100 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS115 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS119 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS110 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS117 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS114 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS113 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS112 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS111 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS11 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS116 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS123 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS122 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS121 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS126 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS127 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS129 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS128 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS125 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS124 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS137 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS138 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS133 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS132 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS14 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS148 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS142 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS159 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS152 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS151 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS15 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS162 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS167 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS166 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS16 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS169 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS165 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS160 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS173 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS17 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS172 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS170 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS171 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS174 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS18 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS189 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS194 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS192 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS193 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS190 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS191 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS199 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS197 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS19 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS198 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS196 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS195 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS20 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS209 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS200 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS202 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS201 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS203 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS21 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS219 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS218 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS217 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS216 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS215 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS214 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS213 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS212 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS211 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS210 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS22 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS220 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS23 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS234 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS24 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS25 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS26 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS27 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS28 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS29 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS31 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS32 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS33 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS34 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS35 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS36 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS37 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS40 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS41 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS42 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS43 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS44 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS45 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS47 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS53 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS57 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS58 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS59 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS60 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS61 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS62 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS63 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS64 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS65 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS66 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS67 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS68 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS69 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS72 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS73 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS74 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS75 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS76 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 CS77 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS78 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS79 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS80 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS81 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS84 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS86 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS87 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS88 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS89 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS90 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS91 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS92 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS94 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS95 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS96 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS97 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS98 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 CS99 Winter '22 Patch 11.0 DEU1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 DEU2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 DEU4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU16 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU17 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU18 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU19 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU25 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU26 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU27 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU28 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU29 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU30 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU31 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU32 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU33 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU34 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU35 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU36 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU37 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU38 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU39 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU40 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU41 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU42 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU43 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU44 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU45 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU46 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU47 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 EU48 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 FRA1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 FRA2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 FRA4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND18S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND16S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND15 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND13 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND11 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND23 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND3S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND5 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND6S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND7 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 IND9 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN12S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN10S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN3 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN5 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN6S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN7 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 JPN8S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA104 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA107 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA109 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA100 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA101 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA103 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA102 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA105 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA119 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA116 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA110 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA118 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA112 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA111 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA115 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA114 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA113 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA117 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA125 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA124 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA122 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA120 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA126 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA127 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA123 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA129 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA121 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA128 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA138 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA134 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA133 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA136 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA135 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA132 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA131 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA130 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA137 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA139 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA140 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA142 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA141 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA149 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA146 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA147 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA148 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA154 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA158 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA159 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA153 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA151 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA155 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA152 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA150 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA156 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA161 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA163 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA167 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA160 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA166 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA165 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA169 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA164 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA168 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA162 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA172 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA170 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA174 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA171 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA173 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA196 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA207 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA204 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA206 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA208 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA209 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA21 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA218 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA214 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA217 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA215 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA211 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA212 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA213 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA210 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA70 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA71 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA75 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA80 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA81 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA82 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA83 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA84 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA85 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA89 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA90 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA91 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA92 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA93 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 NA94 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA95 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA96 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA97 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA98 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 NA99 Winter '22 Patch 10.1 SGP2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 SGP4S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM2 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM3 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM4 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM5 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM6 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM7 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM8 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 UM9 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 USA1 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 USA18S Winter '22 Patch 11.101 USA16S Winter '22 Patch 11.101 USA10S Winter '22 Patch 11.101 USA2S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 USA3S Winter '22 Patch 10.2 USA7 Winter '22 Patch 10.2 USA8S Winter '22 Patch 10.2

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