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Outlook Integration login issue on Outlook for Mac after an upgrade to Mac OS Big Sur 11x

Outlook , Winter 20

Users are unable to login to Salesforce Outlook Integration using Outlook for Mac on Mac OS Big Sur 11x. Please see this Knowledge Article for more information:

In Review ·Reported By 882 ·Updated Yesterday

Number data type field (18,0) with 17 digits is rounded in Batch Apex -OR- outputs with a "0" in decimal unit (e.g., 123.0)

Apex , Winter 20

- Number(18,0) field value with 17 digits is rounded in Batch Apex. "99,999,999,999,999,999" is rounded to "100,000,000,000,000,000". - Actual Result Number(18,0) field value with 17 digits is rounded in Batch Apex. - Expected Result Number(18,0) field value with 17 digits is not rounded in...

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 15 days ago

Winter '20: Quick Text is listed twice in object settings when viewing a profile in setup

Service , Winter 20

When editing a user profile the object Quick Text will be listed twice in object settings of a profile when in Setup.

No Fix ·Reported By 79 ·Updated 22 days ago

JSON.serialize Exception on Messaging.SendEmailResult Object Due to Ignoring Bean Info

Apex , Winter 20

Attempting to serialize the Messaging.SendEmailResult objects results in a System.JSONException exception. - Actual Result Error: System.JSONException: Conflicting getter definitions for property "success": common.api.soap.wsdl.SendEmailResult#isSuccess(0 params) vs common.api.soap.wsdl.SendEmailResult#getSuccess(0...

In Review ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 24 days ago

Winter'20 - Duplicate entities are shown under "Standard Tab Settings" in profile

User Interface , Winter 20

In Winter'20, some tabs, such as "Chatter", "Analytics", and "Quick Text" tab are shown as duplicate under "Standard Tab Settings" in profile. Previously, tabs exclusive to Lightning Experience like Calendar and Email Templates didn't appear in the Tab Settings section of profiles, which meant they...

In Review ·Reported By 28 ·Updated 29 days ago

Archived Products are Showing as Editable and Deletable in Lightning

Search , Lightning , Winter 20

Some products which were previously marked as archived are still showing as editable and deletable even when they should not be. This issue is an extension of the KI linked below:

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2021-03-11

Analytics - Salesforce Mobile App displays "Error getting data from server" message when opening an Einstein Analytics Lens

Mobile , Einstein Analytics - Mobile , Winter 20

A known issue is causing Einstein Analytics Lenses viewed in the Salesforce Mobile App to display "Error getting data from server" messages.

In Review ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 2021-03-07

Performance: the deployment takes a long time for ShareTo#resolveGenericGroupSharedTo

Listviews , Winter 20

Performance: ShareTo#resolveGenericGroupSharedTo is loading all existed groups ShareTo#resolveGenericGroupSharedTo is loading all existing groups on the deployment when you upsert the listview, it's taking long time.

Scheduled - Summer '21 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2021-03-01

Package upload failing in patch orgs with customizations applied to order object

Packaging , Partner , Winter 20

On package upload attempt in a patch org which was created before Winter '21 Salesforce release and then subsequently upgraded to Salesforce Winter '21 that had customizations applied to the order object (including, but not limited to: apex classes, triggers, custom fields, validation rule, workflow,...

Fixed - Spring '21 ·Reported By 24 ·Updated 2021-02-16

Standard picklist fields in Real-Time Events are not queryable or filterable in asynchronous SOQL

API , Winter 20

Standard picklist fields in Real-Time Events are not queryable or filterable in asynchronous SOQL. This bug can be reproduced by performing an Async SOQL on ReportEvent.Operation. Regular SOQL queries do return the values of the affected picklist field.

Fixed - Spring '21 ·Reported By 4 ·Updated 2021-02-16

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