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Experience Site Emails Silently Fail when Using Lightning Email Templates and Merge Fields

Communities , Spring 21

In the latest release (Spring 21) Lightning Email Templates were exposed when setting up Experience Site (Community) emails. These will fail when using merge fields.

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Getting FIELD_NOT_UPDATABLE Error while trying to update CaseId on Chat Transcript entity using Process Builder

Einstein Bots , Spring 21

When trying to update CaseId on Chat Transcript object using Process Builder, we are getting FIELD_NOT_UPDATABLE Error . Process Builder Error Message: Error Occurred: The flow tried to update these records: null. This error occurred: FIELD_NOT_UPDATABLE: You cannot edit this field - null.

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"Case transferred to you." email is sent after enabling "Use a Default No-Reply Address as System Address for Case Email Notifications" unexpectedly

Service , Lightning , Spring 21

Case Assignment Notification can be sent if there is no "No-Reply" Special Purpose Organization-Wide Email Address even if the Assignment Rule is not meant to send an email.

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Entitlements Sample data being created in Spring '21 orgs

Service , Salesforce DX , Spring 21

Scratch Orgs created with Spring '21 release with "hasSampleData": false, will have the following sample data: an Entitlement record called "Sample Entitlement", which is associated with an Account called "Sample Account for Entitlements". It gets added as part of the Spring '21 feature

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Contact address not populating or intermittent error when creating related child records from Accounts

Sales and Marketing , Service , Spring 21

This behavior may be intermittent. Occasionally, when creating child records from related lists on person account or standard account records, users intermittently see the following situations: 1. For person accounts, users are not able to save the child record and receive the following error: "Contact:...

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User-defined Validation Rules on User object do not fire when modifying and saving Personal Email preferences

Platform , Spring 21

Validation Rules on the User object are not being respected when making changes to a User's personal Email Settings within the UI. Expected Results: Validation Rules prevent the changes to Signature from being Saved. Actual Results: Changes to Signature are getting saved.

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Spring'21 - IE11 only - Can't insert URL link on Rich text editors in Classic Knowledge or apex:inputField

VisualForce , Knowledge , Spring 21

When we use Classic knowledge using IE11, we can't insert URL links on rich text field. There is the following error on IE11 dev console. ----- SCRIPT5022: SyntaxError ckeditor.js (128,472) ----- We see the same issue on Rich text editor in apex:inputField.

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Lightning record page is missing with "Assignments By App" configuration after Summer'21 Release

Lightning , Spring 21 , Summer 21

After the Summer'21 release a difference was found in the way a retrieved metadata file for a custom application is showing "view overrides" AKA flexipage assignments. In Spring'21, the installed managed package contains a flexipage page assigned to a package App. And to change the default App assignment...

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Manage Sandbox Permission is not visible in Sandboxes right after the org has ben created

Sandbox , Spring 21

Manage Sandboxes permission missing in newly created or refreshed sandbox orgs.

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programmatically setting "hasError" value does not cause the lightning-progress-indicator to re-render/update after Spring'21

Lightning , Spring 21

programmatically setting "hasError" value does not cause the lightning-progress-indicator to re-render/update after Spring'21

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