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Static resources, documents, attachments failed to load or return 404 Not Found

AppExchange , Content and Files , Packaging , Sandbox , Winter 20 , Spring 20

A recent automated process incorrectly identified and displaced static resources (Created before January 23rd, 2019) which could result in customers receiving Static resource failed to load errors, or 404 not found failures when attempting to retrieve attachments and documents. Salesforce is actively...

In Review ·Reported By 192 ·Updated 4 days ago

Looks like you don't have access to care plan types error although user has access (Spring '20)

Health Cloud , Spring 20

Looks like you don't have access to care plan types error although user has access (Spring '20).

In Review ·Reported By 22 ·Updated 8 days ago

Default Opportunity Team Members not present in newly created sandbox.

Sales and Marketing , Sandbox , Spring 20

Due to an issue with one of the post import steps that runs during the sandbox creation process Default Opportunity Team Member records will not exist in the resulting copy.

In Review ·Reported By 11 ·Updated 10 days ago

Autosuggestion on adding a contact /lead in Campaigns, not working on adding a new contact.

Campaigns , Spring 20

Autosuggestion on adding a contact/lead in Campaigns stops working after adding a contact, which is not already in the auto-suggestion list. When a contact name that is not present in the recently viewed list is searched, this contact is searched with Autosuggestion. Post that, on searching from...

No Fix ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 10 days ago

Einstein Analytics - Custom Number Format in Spring'20 - Tooltips on Thousands/Decimals offsetting modal causing flashing of tooltip

Einstein Analytics - Dashboards/Lenses , Spring 20

Custom Number format tooltips on Thousands and Decimal causing shift in window, some repeat loading of tooltips if scrolled into slowly.

No Fix ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 10 days ago

Spring '20 __LABEL_ERROR__ or blank label for related list on a child object when related to a parent object

Lightning , Spring 20

When creating a related list that looks up to a parent object, you get a blank label, __LABEL_ERROR__ , or an internal server error (-1595766527). It should read something like "Custom Object 2 for Parent Lookup Object 1"

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 5.0 ·Reported By 331 ·Updated 11 days ago

Spring '20 - Global search displays a blank result page in a Console app

Search , Spring 20

In Spring '20, when performing a search from a Console app in the Lightning Experience, a blank page may be displayed, instead of Top Results being loaded.

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 10.0 ·Reported By 322 ·Updated 11 days ago

Spring 20' - Lookup field search keeps spinning and causes the page to reload

Platform , Lightning , Spring 20

When trying to inline edit a lookup field on a page layout from an object with record types, the search spins and causes the page to reload

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 9.0 ·Reported By 145 ·Updated 11 days ago

Spring '20 - Standard Users are unable to search for queues when attempting to change record owner

Search , Spring 20

Some customers may have observed that post upgrade to Spring '20, non-admin users are unable to search for ‘queues’ when attempting to change record ownership. When end-user attempts to search for a Queue they have access to and they are a part of, they see the following error “No results for "account"...

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 6.0 ·Reported By 142 ·Updated 11 days ago

Inline editing at Long Text Area field might get error on Lightning Experience

Lightning , Spring 20

Inline editing at Long Text Area field might get the following error on Lightning Experience - [this._setInputValue is not function]

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 18.1 ·Reported By 136 ·Updated 11 days ago

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