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Partial Sandbox does not complete and enters a Stopped status


Partial Sandbox refreshes can enter a Stopped status and show no additional information on why it did not complete.

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User who created sandbox clone has email address altered in resulting clone copy


If an admin user is manually created in a source sandbox after it has been created/refreshed, and that user then creates a clone of the source from their production user, their user in the resulting clone copy will have the email address altered with

In Review ·Reported By 103 ·Updated 4 days ago

Cronjobdetail rows for Schedule Apex are copied after refresh but crontrigger rows are not

Apex , API , Sandbox , Summer 17

CronTrigger rows for scheduled apex jobs are no longer copied over in Summer '17. However, CronJobDetails rows are still copied. Whenever customers run a sandbox copy for an org where scheduled apex jobs have been configured, the resulted sandbox org will have orphaned CronJobDetails rows.

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New!ActivityMixin Records Not Copied to Sandbox Orgs


When creating a full Sandbox Org copied from a Production Org, ActivityMixin records are not copied. ActivityMixin records are used as a field extension to Events (a type of Activity). This, in particular, impacts users of the Lightning/Salesforce Scheduler feature that links Events records to a...

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Full sandbox copy stops near the end at 92%.


In organizations where standard fields are encrypted using "Deterministic - Case Insensitive" the copy may stop at around 92%. Please note that no error message is visible to the user and if a copy stops it will require manual intervention by Salesforce Support so please log a case to confirm whether...

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Deploying Changes to the list values of Support process does not reflect on the same Record Type

Custom Objects , Metadata , Sandbox , Change Sets , Listviews , Winter 20

After deploying the support process from one org to another Org and then making changes to the support process and redeploying it with the same record type. The destination org still holds the old values rather having the updated values.

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Einstein Article Recommendations resulting in error ID: -1076129501 Error occurred while trying to create feedback with candidateAnswerIds

Search , Service , Knowledge , Sandbox , User Interface , Lightning , Summer 21

End users (non system admins) are encountering an error while interacting with Case records with Einstein Article Recommendations enabled in Summer '21 environments. Sorry to interrupt This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We're reporting...

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Some managed package fails to upgrade in partial copy sandbox if the package contains asset file

Packaging , Sandbox , Partner

Some customers may not be able to upgrade managed package in their partial copy sandbox if the package contains asset file component. Error on the component: 1. An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: ... (2100495319) AssetFileName: An unexpected error occurred....

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All Sharing records are copied to Partial and templated sandboxes regardless of objects selected, which may prevent sharing rule recalculation.

Sharing , Sandbox

Currently Partial and templated Full sandbox copies will copy all Sharing rows from production, including those for objects not included in the template. This does not inhibit most sandbox operations but, in the case of very large organizations with complex sharing it may cause it to be impossible to...

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Pending Deployments - CS88

Metadata , Sandbox

Deployments through Developer or Developer Pro Sandboxes on CS88 is either slow or taking a long time.

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