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'ItemNotAvailableException' error on Orders where basket reservation is done.

Salesforce Order Management

This issue occurs while I. Using Omnichannel Inventory and II. Creating a temporary basket reservation with partial reservation allowed when products are added to the cart. When the customer tries to checkout with more than half of the available stock for the SKU, the order checkout fails with...

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Apex connect APIs by default do not allow automated process user.

Apex , API , Salesforce Order Management

Calling any Apex connect API via an automated process user context will fail with insufficient privileges error.

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vlocity_cmt__RootItemId__c and vlocity_cmt__ParentItemId__c are not populating with GUID

Salesforce Order Management , sfi Communication Cloud - Express Application suites , Industries Cloud-Common

vlocity_cmt__RootItemId__c and vlocity_cmt__ParentItemId__c are not populating with GUID

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Payment capture failure in case of multiple order payment summary

Salesforce Order Management

Payment capture discrepancy is observed when multiple Order Payment Summaries are present and the associated multiple fulfillment orders are fulfilled at the same time. The payment is not automatically captured for the second Order Payment Summary record.

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Unable to assign Location collection variable to locations input for LWC component

Flow , Salesforce Order Management

While assigning the Location collection variable to the locations input for the custom Lightning Web Component, error message is thrown: "The data type of the resource you entered isn't compatible."

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Scratch orgs does not support OmniChannel Inventory features.

Salesforce Order Management

The scratch org definition file contains the configuration values that determine the shape of the scratch org. On creating Scratch Orgs from the Salesforce Production Org (having OCI Licences), the Omnichannel Inventory feature is currently not supported as an add-on feature in a scratch org. Related...

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Health Check Baseline Updated Error "Error. Can't import. SessionSettings.requireSecureConnections cannot be a boolean setting type."

Activities , Performance , Platform , Salesforce to Salesforce , Knowledge , Lightning , Premier Apps , Einstein Activity Capture , Health Cloud , Salesforce Order Management

Issue Details: ========== Customer seeing Update baseline notification when switching between baselines. Upon clicking Update Baseline they're getting error message "Error Can't import. SessionSettings.requireSecureConnections cannot be a boolean setting type."

Scheduled - Summer '23 ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 17 days ago

PII cannot be updated in Payment and Payment Authorization

Platform , User Interface , Salesforce Order Management

The following fields are considered personal identifiable information (PII) on both the Payment and PaymentAuthorization object: IpAddress MacAddress Phone Email As part of the initial design, these fields were uneditable. However, these fields must always be editable. The other fields on the...

Scheduled - Summer '23 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 17 days ago

Reship Order Flow screen fails to fetch the Locations when External/guest user tries to run the flow from community

Salesforce Order Management

When the External/Guest user tries to run the Reship order flow on any order summary record from the community site, the location values are not fetched even though access has been provided to the user through the profile/permission set. The locations picklist gets stuck in the loading status on the...

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Orphaned Reservations in Omnichannel Inventory

Salesforce Order Management

When submitting an order during checkout, the storefront automatically reserves each order line item in Omnichannel Inventory. When placing a multi-line order and one of the order lines is unavailable, order creation fails(order is not created) in B2C Commerce. However, the system still obtains the reservation...

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