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Standard Order creation in Community fails due to sharing limitation with Consumption Schedule

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) , Salesforce Billing

After installing Billing, customers are no longer able to create Orders from their unauthenticated community. These are Orders that don't use CPQ or Billing. There is a permission error: Guest user doesn't have READ access to the Consumption Schedules object. It is not possible to assign read permission...

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Valid email addresses with more than 3 characters in the domain extension throw bad error message on Credit Card VF entry page

Salesforce Billing

Valid email addresses, like throw an error and will not be accepted by our Credit Card entry VF page. This happens when the domain extension is more than 3 characters long. This happens for New Payment Method Credit Card and in the Payment Center The error message that is thrown...

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Changing Legal Entity or Billing Rule on Order Product does not Change Billing or Tax Treatment

Salesforce Billing

Changing the Billing Rule or Legal Entity on an unactivated order should update the Billing Treatment for the Billing Rule and the Tax Treatment for the Tax Rule

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Able to allocate a Credit Note to an Invoice for more than the balance when Advanced AR Application is disabled

Salesforce Billing

This only happens when using the package setting Advanced AR Application = disabled. After a partial payment to an invoice, it is possible to allocate a Credit Note to an Invoice for more than the balance on the invoice. This is because the Credit Note allocation allocates to the invoice lines. While...

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Unable to post final invoice when there are sub invoice lines.

Salesforce Billing

When Salesforce Billing posts an invoice it compares the Subtotal on all the invoice lines against the Pending Billing Amount (without tax) to make sure not to bill more than quoted. If Subtotal > this amount, then posting will fail with an error message: Error:Cannot post the invoice because the...

In Review ·Reported By 13 ·Updated 8 days ago

Bill Through Date Override is Being Populated Unexpectedly for One-Time Product

Salesforce Billing

When canceling a one-time order product the following error is displayed: "FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: Error: Bill Through Date Override needs to be the same as the end date **/**/****." This happens because the Bill Through Date Override is unexpectedly being populated for one-time order...

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Incorrect Invoice Amount on Cancellation When Billing Rule has “Partial Period Treatment” = Separate

Salesforce Billing

When Billing Rule has “Partial Period Treatment” = Separate and you Cancel an Order Product, the resulting Invoice produces Invoices Lines for each subsequent term, including a final Invoice Line with the FULL Cancelled Billing Amount populated. This is causing Invoices to be incorrect and a larger...

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Payment Center Visualforce page shows entire encrypted account field for ACH payment method

Salesforce Billing

In the Salesforce Billing Payment Center Visualforce page, the encrypted fields display for ACH Account Number and for the full Credit Card Number if it is entered. Normally the Credit Card Number field is truncated to the last four digits when it's entered with the triggers active. If the entire card...

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Debit Note Allocation Error: Entered amount cannot be more than the Invoice line in value

Salesforce Billing

When allocating a Debit Note Line for an Amount that is greater than the Invoice Line an error message is thrown: 'Entered amount cannot be more than the Invoice line in value' The system will let you proceed with the allocation but the error message remains at the top of the screen.

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Invoice Scheduler - When set to Daily, can not set Start Date in the Future

Salesforce Billing

When creating an Invoice Scheduler that is of type Daily, the user can not set the start date for tomorrow or later. A user should be able to create an Invoice Scheduler that runs Daily and set the start date and time to today or any day in the future. Please note that this also applies to Payment...

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