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Invoice Lines can be posted with Tax Status = null

Salesforce Billing

The Tax Status on a draft Invoice Line is set to Warning if the line is not taxable or Completed if it is and the tax was successfully calculated and applied. The Tax Status field can be null due to improperly set up or missing tax treatments or interference with custom automation. The invoice can be...

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Incorrect Invoice Amounts for Cancellation Amendments using Slab Discount Schedule

Salesforce Billing

When using a Slab Discount Schedule, the amendment order product does not correctly calculate the cancelled billing amount on the original order product leading to an incorrect invoice.

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Incorrect Usage Summary start and end dates for billing day of month = 30 or 31

Salesforce Billing

For Orders that have the Billing Day of Month (BDOM) set to the end of the month (30 or 31) and have usage products, the Usage Summaries do not have the expected start and end dates. This means that customers may not get billed in the appropriate months.

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When Billing Day of Month is 31st invoices prorate incorrectly for March

Salesforce Billing

Monthly invoiced accounts might be overbilled for March if Billing Day of Month is 30 or 31. When BDOM = 31, the March invoice is calculating from 2/28/21 - 3/30/21 as 31 days in a 28 Day period, rather than one full month from the last day to the next to last day of the following month. This happens...

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Payment Requests from Payment Center using a Payment Method with null Card Number fails to create Payment Transaction records

Salesforce Billing

A tokenized Payment Method where the Card Number field is null will still create a successful payment at the Gateway, but it will fail to create a Payment Transaction record. This fails to record the payment in salesforce and fails to allocate a payment to the invoice. This could also lead to duplicate...

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Error during Invoice Scheduler "Attempting to update (as part of an upsert) parent field blng__Invoice__c"

Salesforce Billing

For products that have Billing Frequency = Invoice Plan: 1) When running Invoice Scheduler, the initial run works fine. 2) If the Clean Up button is used to cancel and rebill the invoice created and a new attempt to run Invoice Scheduler again, Invoice Run fails. 3) In the Invoice Run, you can find...

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CardLastFour standard field on Payment Order Method does not display zeros

Salesforce Billing , Commerce Cloud Order Management

Card Last Four Field on the Payment Order Method object does display zeros

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 9 days ago

Invoice Scheduler - When set to Daily, can not set Start Date in the Future

Salesforce Billing

When creating an Invoice Scheduler that is of type Daily, the user can not set the start date for tomorrow or later. A user should be able to create an Invoice Scheduler that runs Daily and set the start date and time to today or any day in the future. Please note that this also applies to Payment...

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Debit Note Allocation Error: Entered amount cannot be more than the Invoice line in value

Salesforce Billing

When allocating a Debit Note Line for an Amount that is greater than the Invoice Line an error message is thrown: 'Entered amount cannot be more than the Invoice line in value' The system will let you proceed with the allocation but the error message remains at the top of the screen.

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Invoice Payment Status shows "Partially Paid" for fully paid invoices

Salesforce Billing

For invoices with payments fully allocated, the Payment Status shows up as Partially Paid. The issue can be intermittently observed. In the developer console, checking the field values related to the formula for Payment Status shows decimal places even though it is expected that the fields only holds...

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