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SFDO Elevate: The Elevate field bundle cannot be used in Sandboxes that have Enhanced Domains enabled

SFDO Elevate , SFDO Nonprofit Success Pack

When a customer tries to use the Elevate field bundle in Gift Entry or in the Recurring Donations form within a sandbox that has Enhanced Domains enabled they will experience an endless spinner in the UI. If they inspect the browser console there will see an error: "GE_TokenizeCard:204 Failed to...

In Review ·Reported By 5 ·Updated Yesterday

SFDO Elevate: Elevate Onboarding LWC not parsing platform event response correctly

SFDO Elevate

When running the Elevate Health Check in NPSP you may receive a component error: A Component Error has occurred! Message [Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'applicationName')] Component Descriptor markup://ccsi_npsp:elevateOnboarding File Name https://<orgName>--<instance> Function le.eval Line...

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated Yesterday

SFDO Elevate: Giving pages have a limit of 50 designations that can be added

SFDO Elevate

Currently there is a limit of 50 designations that can be added to a Giving Page in Elevate. This work item will raise the limit to 500.

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated Yesterday

SFDO Elevate: Ensure that default designations display on Giving Pages

SFDO Elevate

General Accounting Unit (GAU) Designations that are 'Set as the default dropdown option' in Elevate are not displaying as the default option in Giving Pages or embedded forms, and cannot be forced to default using the allocationId URL parameter. The fix will ensure that the default designation displays...

In Review ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 8 days ago

SFDO Elevate: Giving page Accessibility Fixes

SFDO Elevate

Currently the buttons for frequency (one-time and monthly) and the donation Amount on the Elevate Giving pages can be 'active' or 'inactive' but this state is not communicated to screen readers. Screen readers are not able to communicate whether the buttons are selected or not. The bug fix will add...

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 22 days ago

SFDO Elevate: Giving page Screen Reader Navigation Fix

SFDO Elevate

Currently when you navigate to the second page of a Giving Page using a screen reader, the cursor skips the donation information iframe and will skip to address information or completely skip the form. This ticket will fix the navigation so that screen readers correctly jump to the 'First Name' field,...

In Review ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 22 days ago

Elevate Gift Entry is entry is throwing "Error: For input string: "XX9.999999999994" at [line:1, column:49}" error for certain donation amounts.

SFDO Elevate

Elevate transactions through Gift Entry, with specific values, are returning a floating point error when attempting to return a value for tokenization from the value returned from utilNumberFormatter.js, resulting in failed transactions.

In Review ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 22 days ago

SFDO Elevate: Refunds for Opportunities with non-default GAU Allocations that don't have a % throw error

SFDO Elevate

You may run into the following error when you refund a donation in Elevate if the Opportunity in Salesforce has an Allocation for a non-default General Accounting Unit and there is no % listed on the Allocation (there is only an Allocation Amount). "ccsi_npsp.ErrorHandlerFacade.ErrorHandlerCustomException System.DmlException:...

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2022-08-17

email receipt settings will not save within Elevate

SFDO Elevate

Gift receipts from the Elevate Admin Console aren't updating correctly after updating address in receipt information

Fixed ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2022-08-09

SFDO Elevate: Visiting Elevate Settings Overwrites Configured Giving Pages

SFDO Elevate

It is the intent of the "Refresh Tribute Values" from Salesforce button in Elevate that it will overwrite / change existing giving page Tributes configuration settings; however, visiting the Tributes configuration settings page currently overwrites the giving page Tribute configurations as if the button...

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2022-08-08

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