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SFDO Elevate: If GAU ID is attached to Giving Page, Refunded record will not process correctly in CRM

SFDO Elevate

If a Giving page has a GAU ID record, and a transaction is later refunded, the NPSP Batch Data Import record will show as failed (refund will still process correctly to card).

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SFDO Elevate: Incomplete Payment record created if Data Import record not originally processed correctly

SFDO Elevate

When an Elevate payment is charged correctly but there is an error on the Data Import record (such as an issue with a validation rule or incorrect Account format), and then that record is later corrected and the records created as expected, the Elevate information does not populate correctly. This can...

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SFDO Elevate: Refunds for Donor Cover donations results in Negative Opportunity Amount instead of $0

SFDO Elevate

If a donation with a donor cover (additional amount donated to cover organization expense in processing gift) is refunded, Salesforce reflects a negative amount rather than $0 (original donation minus refund).

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SFDO Elevate: Error message on password reset if multiple browser sessions

SFDO Elevate

If a user has successfully logged into Elevate and attempts to reset their password within the same session, they will receive the error: "INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: Cannot set password for self".

In Review ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2020-10-22

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