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Salesforce Live Report does not load for newly generated Quip documents


When a Quip document is generated via a flow the Salesforce Live Report does not load for any users until the creator of the document opens the document first.

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Quip Mobile App not working on Pixel 7/Pixel 7 Pro


Quip App is not working on Pixel 7/Pixel 7 Pro. Users are seeing the below error: "Quip keeps stopping"

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Quip Images Not Showing on copy-paste


When doing copy-paste of an image from one quip file to another, the images are getting lost after the page refresh. This is happening with selected documents.

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Latency when using Quip with Chrome or Edge browsers


Customers may experience latency or page freezing when using Quip Documents with Chrome or Edge browsers.

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Users not receiving notification emails from Quip


Users are not receiving Quip notification emails when a Quip Document is shared with that user.

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Zapier rendering 404 error when connecting through credentials


When connecting Quip within Zapier, using Quip credentials is erroring with a 404 message. Quip has only received this issue from users that are connecting by credentials and not with an API key.

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Incorrect translation of the Relationship Map live app fields in Spanish


The translation is incorrect for Compact View and Detail View in the Relationship Map live app. These fields can be seen when going to Edit Card Details → Custom Layout.

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Salesforce Live App overlaps when exported to PDF


We have observed when exporting Quip documents that contain multiple Salesforce Live apps the live apps will sometimes appear overlaid on top of each other.

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Salesforce List View shows as Loading Records when exported to PDF


When a Quip document is exported to PDF the Salesforce List View will sometimes show as “Loading Records”. This can occur when a Quip document contains a large number of live apps.

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Relationship Map Showing as Blank in Export


The Quip Relationship Map is rendering as blank when Exported to a PDF from within Quip. Any amount of cards is showing as blank in a PDF export.

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