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Duplicate Task assignment notification is sent to record owner when ownership is updated through Process builder/Flow in Lightning.

Process Builder

Duplicate Task assignment notification is sent to record owner when ownership is updated through Process builder in Lightning.

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Process Builder Consumes a lot of CPU Time

Process Builder

When Process Builder is set to run on Cases and a large number of records are loaded, the Process Builder can consume a lot of CPU time, even when the imported records don't meet the requirements for the Process to run.

In Review ·Reported By 157 ·Updated 5 days ago

Process Builder Create Record Action Requires Geolocation Fields

Process Builder

Any Process that contains a "Create a Record" action to create a record for Objects that has Geolocation fields, it will always require a value for the Geolocation field. Please see the following KI to determine this issue's resolution status:

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Process Builder on Feed Item fails when making spanning reference to the parent object if the parent is a Custom Object

Chatter , Process Builder

A Process Builder on Feed Item fails when it refers to the parent object, and the parent is a custom object. When process criteria or action includes - for example - reference to "[FeedItem].Parent:My_Object__c.Id", then posting a feed item on a "My_Object" record causes the process to fail with...

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Adding a process builder on Social Post may throw Internal Server Error with stack trace 1390378208

Process Builder

Replying to a Social Post works fine until I activate a Process. The Process runs all the way to the end but afterwards we get a pop up with an internal server error ending in (1390378208), after clicking OK, a second pop up follows with: "An unknown exception occurred. Try again later. If the problem...

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Process' Post to Chatter Action that posts a hyperlink ends up displaying "_HL_ENCODED_" in the record's feed instead of the proper URL/link

Chatter , Process Builder

In a Process, "Post to Chatter" actions posting a reference to a Formula (Text) Field with a Hyperlink() function ends up with a post displaying "_HL_ENCODED_" instead of the actual URL.

In Review ·Reported By 44 ·Updated 4 days ago

Approval Merge field(e.g {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} ) values are incorrect in approval email

Activities , Platform , Email Clients , Flow , Process Builder

Approval merge field values are incorrect in approval emails The email template is attached as Approval Assignment Email Template. When record is submitted for approval, in the email we are getting submitter name only for both ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver (wrong value) Approval_Requesting_User.Name...

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Process builder not updating a field when a roll up summary is changed to trigger the process

Process Builder

Process builder in Order object will not set a field equal to a rollup summary field when adding new product on the order record. This can also affect removing products.

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ISCHANGED() FUNCTION on process builder criteria returns false positive on percentage field types

Process Builder

When a ISCHANGED() function on percentage type field is used in formula based process builder criteria, the function always returns true even when the field is not modified.

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Error when adding Apex class action to a process builder

Apex , Process Builder

When attempting to add an Apex action to a Process Builder, users may receive an error like: Unfortunately, there was a problem. Please try again. If the problem continues, get in touch with your administrator with the error ID shown here and any other related details. Error ID: 1644647629-5767 (...

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