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Unable to Export Full List Email Data


Some customers are not able to export full list email data. The job runs but does not finish. The customer does not receive the export.

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Playing Wistia videos on Pardot tracked pages generates 2nd visitor record if third party cookies are blocked


When a visitor hits play on a Wistia video embedded on a page with Pardot tracking code, if the visitor's browser is blocking third party cookies, Pardot will generate a second visitor record that is not associated with the initial page view visitor.

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Skipped actions in Engagement Studio program


When the backend job transitions prospects from one Engagement Studio program step to another, Pardot can potentially skip the next action if the action had already been applied to the current step.

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'Parameter fields is not of the correct type' when clicking into a B2BMA app's dataflow


When clicking into a B2BMA app's dataflow, the user sees a 'Parameter fields is not of the correct type' message. This prevents the user from properly viewing the dataflow and/or downloading it.

Fixed in version 228011000 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 4 days ago

Pardot sometimes unexpectedly syncs Salesforce portal users to Pardot


In Pardot Account Setup, if Salesforce roles are assigned to Pardot via Roles and Internal Subordinates (either directly for via a Public Group), Salesforce portal users will also be synced to Pardot unexpectedly and generate Pardot users. This applies only for accounts that have opted into managing...

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Images inserted from Salesforce CMS don’t render in the new drag and drop email builder

Content and Files , Pardot

When using the drag and drop email builder, images added to the content of an email from Salesforce CMS don’t render and instead display as a broken image icon. Any email sent that references the image will also render as a broken image icon.

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Einstein Behavior Scoring Dashboard displays no data

Pardot , Einstein Analytics - Apps , Einstein Analytics - Dashboards/Lenses , Einstein Analytics - Templated Apps

When using the Einstein Behavior Scoring (EBS) dashboard in a B2BMA app, users may notice that no results display on this dashboard, but the other out-of-the-box dashboards display results.

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Add to Pardot List and Add to Engagement Studio List do not work on Account records' Related Contacts related list


The Add to Pardot List and Add to Engagement Studio List buttons do not function on the Related Contacts related lists on Account records. This related list is from the Contacts to Multiple Accounts Salesforce functionality Documentation...

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Non-admin users cannot view list email object engagement metrics in custom Salesforce reports


When users create a custom engagement report for list emails (see "Engagement Metrics on List Emails" on, non-admin users don't see any results unless the List Email object is set to public in org-wide defaults

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Pardot Scoring Category Scores are not synced to the Salesforce lead or contact


When it has too many scores to sync, eventually the Scoring Category syncing Job in the Salesforce will break. As result, scoring category score is not reflected on the Salesforce record.

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