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Einstein Behavior Scoring Dashboard displays no data

Pardot , Einstein Analytics - Apps , Einstein Analytics - Dashboards/Lenses , Einstein Analytics - Templated Apps

When using the Einstein Behavior Scoring (EBS) dashboard in a B2BMA app, users may notice that no results display on this dashboard, but the other out-of-the-box dashboards display results.

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"Add to Pardot List" Standard Action does not display any Pardot lists


The 'Add to Pardot List' modal will display on a lead or contact record, but when searching for a non-dynamic, public Pardot list, the message "We couldn’t add to the lists. Try again later" displays.

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Duplicate values can be saved in field not set to record multiple values


On rare occasions, duplicate values can be saved on Prospects. Note: To fix the values, contact Pardot Support.

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Connected Campaigns sync the Master record type, even if that isn't checked as a record type


Salesforce treats the "Master" record type as "null". When processing a campaign, the "null" record types are being kept as ones to sync in Pardot.

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Links with class="pardotTrackClick" don't open when visitor opts out of tracking (pi_opt_in = false)


When a visitor's browser has 'Do Not Track' enabled and/or they opt out of tracking (via the pi_opt_in = false flag set through the opt-in banner), links with class="pardotTrackClick" do not open unless they are opened in a new tab

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Campaign reports display negative number of prospects


Campaign report ( stats are calculated delay around 12 AM EDT. The statistic are calculated via the amount of prospect in the campaign that were created "yesterday" but the system also subtract the prospect that were removed from the campaign. If a prospect is added...

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Salesforce username with an apostrophe results in 401 unauthorized error when loading Pardot Lightning App


When navigating to a Pardot Lightning App (PLA) tab in Salesforce, the user sees a spinning wheel icon and a '401 Unauthorized User' in their browser console.

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New!Email preference center and unsubscribe tags in Pardot Email Builder in Salesforce require additional whitespace to pass validation


In putting just {{{Unsubscribe}}} or {{{EmailPreferenceCenter}}} into a hyperlink when editing in the Pardot Email Builder may result in a validation error when trying to send that email.

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The sync to a Lead/Contact will remove either "address_one" or "address_two" part, when Pardot is Master


When the sync behavior of "address_one" and "address_two" are "Pardot as Master", syncing after initial sync to a Lead/Contact will remove "address_one" or "address_two" part from the salesforce record's value. [Example] 1. The prospect-Lead case [After Initial Sync - synced as per help...

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"An internal server error has occurred Error ID: {Unique Number}-{Unique Number} " when viewing account records


After enabling the Einstein Key Accounts Identification (Beta) feature and adding its lightning component to the account page, certain users will see this error viewing account records : "An internal server error has occurred Error ID: {Unique Number}-{Unique Number} "

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated Yesterday

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