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Subject and due date are not shown in Activity timeline using non-English session on Salesforce iOS app


From Salesforce for iOS app v226.030 / Winter'21 release, the Activity Timeline was introduced to Salesforce iOS app. If the non-English language session is used, the Activity timeline shows "No...

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Product Consumed records that have been deleted appear intermittently on the Product Tab

Mobile , Field Service

When a user consumes a product and enters a quantity higher than what exists in the inventory, an error appears in the Pending Queue. If the user removes the record that they created first instead of resolving the error, the record that was removed will intermittently display on the Product Tab and in...

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Formula field using hyperlink function with "_blank" or "_self" doesn't work on Mobile Publisher for both iOS and Android

Mobile , Communities

The formula field using hyperlink function with "_blank" or "_self" or no parameter doesn't work on Mobile Publisher for both iOS and Android. Nothing happens by tapping the hyperlink. Formula is: HYPERLINK("", "Salesforce", "_blank") OR HYPERLINK("",...

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New!Unsearchable object tab appears in search result tab when perform Global Search on Salesforce for iOS


When select unsearchable object home ("Approvals", "Paused Flow Interview" and so on) and perform Global search using Salesforce iOS app, unsearchable object tab is displayed in Global Search result list.

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Salesforce Mobile Application on iOS device crashes while searching on Object home page


Navigating to object home/list page using lightning navigation via custom lightning component and then searching for object records(within object home page scope and not the global search) result in an application crash. This only occurs with the iOS application.

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Field Service mobile app users see Time Sheets they don't own in the app

Mobile , Field Service

Users are able to see Time Sheets they do not own in the ‘Current Time Sheets’ view if the Time Sheet has Time Sheet Entries related to the same Work Order in the Field Service mobile (FSM) app. This only happens when Time Sheets are set to Public Read Only or Public Read/Write.

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Rich Text Field font is black in Field Service mobile app on iOS when in Dark Mode

Mobile , Field Service

When users are in Dark Mode on iOS devices, Rich Text fields show the font as black in the Field Service Mobile (FSM) app. This only affected iOS who have set their devices to dark mode.

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Text value in Task record is displayed as blue in Record Banner component on mobile community

Mobile , Communities

The simple text value of Task record in Record Banner component is displayed as blue color on mobile community. Both on Experience Builder and on Mobile Browser can be confirmed this issue.

Scheduled - Summer '21 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 3 days ago

Field Service Mobile app users are logged out when OAuth Token Policy is set to 'Expire Immediately'

Mobile , Field Service

When admins set the OAuth Token Policy for the Field Service Mobile (FSM) app connected apps to 'Immediately expire refresh token', FSM users may be logged out the app immediately after logging into the app.

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Lightning Component force:showToast event displays toast message behind action window in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

Mobile , Lightning

When the force:showToast event is fired from a Lightning Component used as an action then the toast message is being displayed behind the action window context. In Lightning Experience the toast is visible behind the transparent background layer that appears with the action window. In Salesforce1...

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