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High Assurance login policy on User Profile causing any content with Visualforce pages to show access error in Salesforce for iOS and Android.

Mobile , VisualForce

If High Assurance Session Settings (Two Factor Authentication) is enabled at the User Profile level then Visualforce content is not accessible within the Salesforce Mobile applications (both iOS and Android downloadable apps). Instead of loading Visualforce content users will see the following error...

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FSL app (Android only) users are unable to email Service Reports

Mobile , Field Service

FSL app users on Android device are unable to email Service Reports because the PDF does not get attached to the email. Some users may see an error, Cannot attach file, when the email is created in their email app. Other users will just see the email created with no attachment at all.

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Report does not open by tapping "View Report" link in record page using Salesforce mobile app


The filtered report is not displayed by tapping "View Report" link under the chart in the lightning record page using Salesforce Mobile application. Instead of the filtered report, we can see the same record page. This issue occurs using the Report chart component with filter in the lightning record...

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SFS Mobile App Work Step Status Not Responsive

Mobile , Field Service

The work step status is not always updated. The user must pull to refresh to view the updated status.

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Recent Activity Event Date Changes on Salesforce for iOS upon Refreshing the Record


Recent Activity Event Date-Time changes to GMT on Salesforce for iOS upon Refreshing the Record page. This happen for the user who is configured timezone to other than GMT. For example, a user is configured timezone to IST ( GMT+5:30 ) , create an event which start time is 8:30 AM in IST. But start...

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Mobile Slack Notification display: Salesforce for slack (bot) This content can't be displayed.


If Approval Notifications in Slack has been enabled, when a record is submitted for approval, it will automatically send the notification. In the Mobile Slack app, it will display "<name of the requester> is requesting approval for opportunity" Problem: In the mobile notification it displayed:"Salesforce...

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Mobile Publisher is not compatible with using reCaptcha when opening page in-app.


Google has specific browser requirements for using reCaptcha. This means that the Mobile Publisher app does not work with reCaptcha unless the page is opened in an in-app browser. This is documented in the below article. "If you use reCAPTCHA for your login flow, make sure to use a supported mobile...

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Table component in dashboard cannot be scrolled correctly using Salesforce mobile app


The table component in the dashboard cannot be scrolled correctly using Salesforce mobile app (both iOS and Android). The entire dashboard page is scrolled instead of the table component. This scroll issue of table component is intermittent. The table component can be scrolled from time to time by repeating...

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Accessibility: When the User Tries to Log in in the iOS App and the Username Field is Blank, VoiceOver Focus Does not Go to the Error Message

Mobile , Disability and Product Accessibility

When the user is on the login screen and a login attempt is made with a blank username, VoiceOver focus does not go to or read the error message. Instead, it goes to the "user name" field without reading the error message.

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Error while trying to download multiple attachments together on Consumer Goods Cloud mobile app

Mobile , Consumer Goods Cloud

When attempting to download an image in the Consumer Goods Cloud app (on iPad), the following error message is displayed: 00000113 cordova operation saveSFFile failed: { "success": "false", "operation": "saveSFFile", "results": { "error_message": "Invalid response from plugin.", "error_detail": "",...

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