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Intelligence reports | Email Link Alias shows N\A for Emails

Marketing Cloud Reports

Email Link Alias for Emails not always populated as expected.

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Scheduled reports fails for 'Unknown Error' when exporting page as PDF

Marketing Cloud Intelligence , Marketing Cloud Intelligence Integrations , Marketing Cloud Reports , Marketing Cloud Intelligence Data Pipelines

When using scheduled reports and exporting a dashboard page as a PDF, the report will fail for an 'Unknown Error'. Note that this behavior only happens when the scheduled report fires and does not happen when manually running.

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Incorrect metrics displaying for jobs with multiple subscriber batches

Marketing Cloud Reports

Jobs with multiple subscriber batches are displaying an increased value for their metrics, equal to the expected value multiplied by the number of batches created.

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All mobile activity is classified under "Tablet" in Marketing Cloud Reports

Marketing Cloud Reports

In Marketing Cloud Reports, all non-desktop activities such as Opens and Unsubscribes are currently classified under "Tablet" in the Email Device Type field. This includes both mobile (phone) and tablet device types.

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Manually exported Data is not pulled

Marketing Cloud Reports

Occasionaly, Marketing Cloud server is exporting historical Data for clients. Outside of the standard schedule exports. We encountered an unexpected behavior in that Data from such exports are not being pulled successfully by Datorama Pulling entities.

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engagement_data table missing audience_name for bounces data

Marketing Cloud Reports

When querying the engagement_data table for audience_name with bounces, the audience_name isn't populating correctly.

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MC Reports Advanced | engagement_data daily process contains incomplete data

Marketing Cloud Reports

The daily query to populate data in the engagement_data table is not pulling all data for the dates included in the query, which is occasionally overwriting previously available data. Currently, this table refreshes all-time data once a week, thus this issue will only affect data within the last week,...

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MC Intelligence Salesforce Marketing Cloud API connector returning DATE_FORMAT_IS_INVALID

Marketing Cloud Intelligence , Marketing Cloud Reports

Data pulls within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector are occasionally returning the error DATE_FORMAT_IS_INVALID

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'N/A' Journey Name in Dashboard 'Journey Performance by Push'

Marketing Cloud Reports

In the Dashboard 'Journey Performance by Push', Journey Attributes (Journey Name, Journey Version, Journey Activity Name) are displayed as 'N/A' for Push with 'Alert + Inbox' type.

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Mobile Push measurements related (aggregated) to wrong Audience Name

Marketing Cloud Reports

When creating Datorama Reports/Pivot Tables with dimension "Audience Name" and Mobile Push measurement (Push sends, Push opens etc.) measurements are related to the wrong Audience Name. This issue occurs when MobilePush has multiple Data Extensions as its audience since the measurements are aggregated...

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 11 days ago

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