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Content Builder grid can show incorrect number of assets when changing sort by column

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

In Content Builder, when sorting by column Type, the full list of assets is returned. However, when sorting by any other column, i.e., Name, Customer Key, Modified, only a portion of the assets are returned.

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Integration/EmailPreview.aspx returns a blank page

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud API , Marketing Cloud Reporting

The PreviewURL returned in Data Extracts and SOAP Retrieves on the Send object does not work.

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All Subscribers | Subscriber Properties | Add to subscriber lists

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When a user adds a subscriber to a list through the list tab via the subscriber properties in Email Studio, the subscriber is removed from the lists they are already assigned. This may result in list membership being displayed for a subscriber that is not accurate or subscribers being removed from lists...

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Email tracking link "Click Activity" page displays white screen.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Some email sends may have an issue displaying the link tracking "Click Activity" overlay page. The page will hang on a white screen or eventually show an error after several minutes.

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Help URL 404s in Send Email Wizard

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Sending

The "Learn More" Help link in the UI is broken when going through the Content Builder Send Flow

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A/B Testing | Auto-Suppression | Sender profile specific suppression non-functional

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When sending an A/B Test, if an Auto-Suppression list is used that suppresses based on the use of a specific "Sender Profile", the intended Subscribers for suppression are not suppressed.

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Marketing Cloud SFTP configuration shows only EID keys

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When configuring a public SSH key for an FTP user authentication, the key selection only shows public SSH keys from the Enterprise. Public SSH Keys from the BU are not available for configuration.

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Single Quote ' in Email Address Username

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Currently the Single Quote ' character is not supported in Email Addresses in the Marketing Cloud. This may cause issues when attempting to send test emails to validate content/cause legitimate subscribers not to be treated as valid subscribers.

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Only 250 folders showing in Email Studio when Try to move Data Extensions from one folder to Another

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

In Email Studio, when using the "Move" option for Data Extensions within a folder, only 250 folders will display in the popup window to be moved.

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RMM auto-reply triggered send From Name does not display if using AMPscript using a Send Classification with a Sender Profile

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When a Reply Mail Management auto reply triggered send uses a Send Classification with a Sender Profile where the From Name is populated by an AMPscript variable, the From Name of the auto reply email does not show the value from the AMPscript variable and instead uses the From Email as From Name.

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