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Creating an ASL causes Triggered Sends to republish and remove Campaign

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When creating an Auto Suppression List in Email Studio, this causes a republish of Triggered Sends and will remove the link to a Campaign when the TS utilises a Content Builder email

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Contacts Without Channel Addresses Data Extension Fails on Random Split

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

The Data Extension (DE) that gets created as part of the "Contacts Without Channel Addresses" Extract cannot be split without first modifying the DE properties. This issue can occur with other data extensions, but is more prevalent in this particular DE.

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Link alias is not honored for a link in a content block when CB is called wrapped in treatAsContentArea function

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Content Builder

When calling a content block wrapped in a TreatAsContentArea function, OMM creates more URLs under tblJobs_urls and not honoring the alias for the links, more details under the steps to replicate should help understand the issue.

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Marketing Cloud Email Studio Reports XLSX files prompt for repair

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Reports generated within email studio reports when using the file pattern xlsx prompt for repair and may not open within different versions of excel

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Triggered Send jobs error due to "Job does not exist" error code OMM_INVALIDSTATE

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Triggered Send may randomly stop and produce an error: OMM_INVALIDSTATE Job does not exist.

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Link in approval email is redirecting to MC home page instead of redirecting to approval item

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

If SSO is enabled in an account and if Approvals SSO Notifications is turned on then the Approval email will contain the link with SSO URL instead of the standard URL, when the Approver clicks the link in the approval email the link is re-directing to Marketing Cloud home page instead of approval it...

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API calls to Email or SMS Triggered Sends can intermittently fail with timeout error

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud API , Marketing Cloud Mobile , Marketing Cloud Sending

API requests to Transactional SMS and Transactional Email Triggered Sends may intermittently fail to complete, returning a "An unexpected error occurred while attempting to queue the send" error response.

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Import Results File Notification directing users to incorrect location | safehouse

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Currently import results files indicate that the file produced has been placed on the SFTP associated to the account the import was initiated from. In situations where the account is setup with importsafehouse the results file only exists within the import safehouse.

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The email is right aligned when seen in the mobile application of outlook.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio , Marketing Cloud Mobile , Marketing Cloud Content Builder

Few users are facing the issue when a standard email template is used. The email is observed to be right aligned in Outlook mobile App, though HTML alignment is centered.

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View as Web Page (VAWP) was intermittently failing

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Intermittently clients may see their View as Web Page (VAWP) links intermittently failing. When this occurs, after refreshing, the link should once again work. The location where this seems to be occurring in is within S7.

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