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[Accessibility] Screen reader does not announce state of drop down menu (collapsed or expanded) in relationship map

Field Service , Financial Services Cloud , Disability and Product Accessibility , Maps

In our package code in relationship map, we use a component called ui:menuTriggerLink to display the dropdown menu button. This component should have an aria-expanded/aria-collapsed tag in order to make the state of the dropdown menu button screen readable (i.e expanded/collapsed)

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New!'Error saving query - Invalid Query' error during Edit/Save or Clone/Save operation on the Marker layer


'Error saving query - Invalid Query' error during Edit/Save or Clone/Save operation on the Marker layer

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Labels in Salesforce Maps Aren't Fully Translated

Maps , Maps Mobile , Maps Advanced , Maps Live Tracking , Maps Territory Planning

When changing either the org or user locale, users may notice some labels in the Salesforce Maps product are not translated to their target language.

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When selecting some clusters on Mobile the cluster info box appears and disappears

Maps , Maps Mobile

When various clusters are on the map, not all cluster-info boxes remain on the map.

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'Drop Pin' ClickToCreate action - different behaviour on Desktop vs Mobile version

Maps , Maps Mobile

When using the Drop a Pin feature to create a C2C Map Click record, if the C2C Name field is mapped to the record Name field, then on mobile devices the name of the record is auto-populated with a Street field value, but on the Desktop - it is auto-populated with the "Map Click” value.

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Salesforce Maps becomes unresponsive/freezes when inserting image into Rich Text field using Click2Create

Maps , Maps Mobile

When using any of the Click2Create methods, if you are adding images to a Rich Text Field, the first record is created successfully, but after that point, any further attempt to repeat this in the same session - will fail. The desktop version will stop responding to that action and mobile app will freeze...

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Unable to move 'Available Base Objects' to 'Selected Base Objects' (left to right) when creating/editing Custom Actions using 'Limit to selected base


When dragging the available base object from "left to right", the chosen base object won't drop into "selected base objects"

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Filter Criteria being removed from Maps Marker Layer if saved before loading of criteria is completed


ESCALATION SUMMARY When a marker layer has numerous tooltips and filter criteria, if a user clicks save prior to the completion of the layer builder loading, the marker layer removes a portion of the marker layer filter logic.

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Custom shape layer created from travel time proximity boundary with traffic will no plot after saved


When creating a custom shape layer off a proximity boundary that has travel time and traffic enabled fails to plot when saved as a shape layer.

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Permissions are Missing from SF Maps Community Logins and SF Maps Community Named User Permission Sets


The SF Maps Community Logins and SF Maps Community Named User permission sets currently only grant access to the Maps application via custom permissions and do not contains visualforce page, apex class, or object settings access.

In Review ·Reported By 7 ·Updated 21 days ago

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