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Logging in to Subscriber Orgs as a non-admin user from Licenses page fails


Non-system admin users cannot log in to Subscriber Orgs, even if they have the permission: "Log in to Subscriber Org".

In Review ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 9 days ago

"Single Sign-On Error" when trying to login to a customer org via Subscriber

LMO , Partner

When trying to access customer org via Subscribers in the LMA , you may notice the Single Sign-On error as follows : "We can't log you in because of an issue with single sign-on" This will be fixed when both LMO and the Subscriber org will be on 226.17.1 patch release.

Fixed - Summer '20 Patch 17.1 ·Reported By 87 ·Updated 12 days ago

LMA Workflow updates not reflecting in subscriber orgs, inconsistent statuses

AppExchange , Packaging , LMO

There is an issue at this time where workflow updates to LMO license records may not reflect in subscriber orgs.

In Review ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 2020-04-23

Performance Edition Orgs showing as "Base Edition" in LMA

LMO , Partner

Performance Edition Orgs showing as "Base Edition" in LMA.

In Review ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2020-04-02

Editing an AppExchange Checkout Subscription in Stripe Doesn’t Update the Related LMA License

AppExchange , LMO , Partner

If you manually edit a customer’s AppExchange Checkout subscription in Stripe, the changes aren’t reflected in the customer’s license record in the License Management App (LMA).

Fixed - Spring '20 Patch 5.2 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2020-02-15

AppExchange Checkout Customers Receiving Unexpected License Change Emails

AppExchange , LMO , Partner

Prerequisites: - You sell your solution using AppExchange Checkout. - You use Checkout Management App (CMA). - In CMA, the "License Changes" Checkout notification is enabled. AppExchange Checkout customers may have received email notifications about changes to their app licenses when they did not...

Fixed ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2020-01-27

Different search results in Subscriber org tab for many orgs in LMA.

AppExchange , Packaging , LMO

This issue occurs when a search is done in the subscriber org tab of a License Management App and there are many orgs listed. Ex. List of 50+ pages of subscriber orgs. When the search is performed on the same org name, erased and searched it again the results are inconsistent.

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2019-09-18

Update licenses for a given package/org id is failing from AppExchange

AppExchange , Packaging , LMO

AppExchange customer purchase a listing or update their number of licenses for a specific package, this is not triggering an update on license record in LMO that controls the given package.

Fixed - Spring '19 Patch 20.0 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 2019-05-07

Fields end up in an invalid state when signed up from trialforce. Push upgrades will fail.

Packaging , Custom Objects , LMO , Partner

FieldDefinition relationships to Standard Fields on custom objects are stored in the database in the form: "<CustomObjectId>.<FieldApiName>" e.g. 01Ixx0000005ahE.Name. These fields are not remapped by the signup engine, since the field isn't totally and exclusively an ID. There's logic to partially remap...

Fixed - Spring '19 Patch 14.0 ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2019-03-22

"API Requests, Last 24 Hours" in Subscriber Overview is the incorrect value


Organization detail page accessed from Subscriber tab does not displays correct percentage value for API Requests, Last 24 Hours. Used Data Space and Used File Space display correct percentage value.

Fixed - Spring '19 ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2019-02-09

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