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Unable to select an EmailMessage record as an input in debug mode in flow


Flow Debug InputModal does not find records of type EmailMessage

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The latest Subflow is run instead of the active Subflow


The latest Subflow runs instead of the active Subflow. - According to the documentation (, while running a parent flow, it picks up the active version of the subflow attached to it. If no active version exsits for the...

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Cannot check checkbox while debugging a record-triggered flow


Not able to check the checkbox while debugging a record-triggered flow.

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Process Builders and Flows are no longer subscribed to Platform Events on creation and refresh of Sandbox

Flow , Process Builder

On creation/refresh of a Sandbox Process Builder and flows stop working even though active within the org. This is due to an issue on replication when copying over from the Production org.

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Flow error emails are sent even when using fault connectors


When a flow has an error, flow error emails are always sent, even when following the defined fault path.

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Flow Lookup generates error when the source object has a record type and the lookup field has a filter condition using that record type


When attempting to access certain records with the Lookup component in a Flow, an error occurs.

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Error on opening Update Records element which is configured on Custom Object with Lookup relationship to Standard Object

Flow , Winter 23

Inside flow builder when opening an update record element(which is on Custom Object), configured to update related records (of Standard object), an error pop up is thrown with "Something went wrong". "We can't reference <Relationship field> fields. Check that they're still valid references and that...

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Deletion of flow metadata through destructive changes not supported

Metadata , Flow

Deleting flows through destructive changes is not supported , while performing this operation will get an error - "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id "

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SObject Delete from a Get Records element that returns null results in an error


SObject Delete from a Get Records element that returns null results in an error.

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Intermittent transaction security policy error while login or making API calls to salesforce: We can't complete the action because enabled transaction

API , Authentication , Flow

Trying to log in on Sandbox or while making API calls to salesforce, intermittently encounter the following errors: Error authenticating with the refresh token due to: security policies took too long to evaluate or We can't complete the action because enabled transaction security policies took too...

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