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Compatibility mode change with code version activation did not get propagated completely

Commerce Cloud Platform

A code replication that causes a compatibility mode change ends up with some appservers seeing the new compatibility mode and others did not.

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basket.reserveInventory on Product Bundle fails with NPE when parent bundle item has null inventory record

Commerce Cloud Platform

basket.reserveInventory() call on product bundle fails with NullPointerException(NPE) when parent bundle item has null inventory record, even when bundled products have inventory. However, according to Availability Calculation docs at

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[B2C Commerce] Unexpected quota error, exceeding 'object.ProductPO.relation.variationProductAssignmentPOs'

Commerce Cloud Platform

When importing a catalog, the variation products of a base product are imported in REPLACE mode by default. In REPLACE mode, existing variation product entries should be deleted before new entries from the XML are imported, but this is not the case. For example, when there are 800 existing variation...

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Order count differed between GMV report and CCAC dashboard

Commerce Cloud Platform

When we compare orders count in the GMV report and in Reports & Dashboards for a particular date, there is a discrepancy in the count.

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 6 days ago

Page Designer certificate error on OnDemandSandbox when using Alias

Commerce Cloud Platform

The error message "...Try opening the storefront and accepting the certificate manually..." will appear when opening Page Designer even after accepting the certificate warning when opening the storefront.

In Review ·Reported By 13 ·Updated 9 days ago

Error while editing and activating JSON Based Vlocity Document Templates

Commerce Cloud Platform , Summer 22 , Industries Cloud-Other

Error while editing and activating JSON Based Vlocity Document Templates after CMT Summer '22 238.3.900.461 upgrade.

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When guest user profile has IP restrictions they get an Internal Server Error (637474174) when trying to access the community

AppExchange , Platform , Sites , Authentication , Knowledge , , Communities , Lightning , Commerce Cloud API/OCAPI , Commerce Cloud Store , Commerce Cloud Order Management , Commerce Cloud Einstein/Predictive , Commerce Cloud Platform , Commerce Cloud Admin , Consumer Goods Cloud

When guest user profile has IP restrictions they get an Internal Server Error (637474174) when trying to access the community. If they are remove they access the community just ok.

In Review ·Reported By 21 ·Updated 13 days ago

Negative value for adjustedNetPrice when BuyX/GetY product promotion is applied

Commerce Cloud Platform

For a storefront with taxation set to gross and the Discount Taxation pricing & promotions site preference set to Tax Products and Shipping only based on Adjusted Price, and a cart where a Buy 2 / Get 1 Free promotion is applied, the free item has a negative adjusted net price. This breaks third party...

No Fix ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 13 days ago

Customer group search with query parameter from the popup on BM not working with pagination

Commerce Cloud Platform

Customer group search from the popup menu on slot configurations schedule section when used for searching customer groups with query parameter is not working with pagination. i.e. its losing the context of query search as soon as next page is selected in case when search resultset is more than 1 pag...

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Page Designer: Page data showing wrong locale after save

Commerce Cloud Platform

After switching to a locale other than default, updating a component and saving that component, the page resets to default locale but interface still shows the current locale.

In Review ·Reported By 8 ·Updated 14 days ago

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