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"Internal Server Error" when creating Google Cloud Storage connection in CDP org with namespace prefix


When you attempt to setup a Google Cloud Storage connector in a CDP org with a namespace prefix configured, you will see the error followed by an error ID: "An internal server error has occurred Error ID:"

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Access to CDP entity tabs is lost when editing a custom Identity User profile


When an System Administrator user modifies a custom profile based on the Identity User profile, users with that profile assigned lose access to CDP entity tabs.

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CDP Calculated Insight Attribute grouped under a different object container instead of Individual within the Activation screen


When an Admin creates a calculated insight that is joining multiple profile tables/entities, the CI will be listed in the attribute library under each entity this making the attribute library contain duplicates. If a user selects a CI "attribute" to be added, the lookup will find the first instance of...

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CDP Segmentation membership DMOs are unavailable


CDP Segment membership DMOs are shown on the Data model and Data explorer tabs, however they are non-functional. Attempting to view membership data will not yield any results. There is currently an issue with the Segment membership DMO (Data Model Object) tables that prevent this data from being a...

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'Invalid date from server' error is returned when attempting to view CDP date values in Tableau dashboard


A change to the date format used by Salesforce CDP is result in the following error when attempting to view Salesforce CDP data using Tableau: Unexpected Error Invalid date from server: 2022-06-21 18:01:01.000 UTC Error Code: FAB9A2C5

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CDP data stream date source fields loading as blank values when using headerless S3 sources


CDP Data Stream Date sourceFields of headless S3 source can fail to load and cause blank values for all rows.

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CDP Marketing Cloud Data Stream sporadically duplicating data upon ingestion


For a Marketing Cloud data stream, there is a rare chance the data stream will duplicate the data extension upon ingestion causing the data stream to be exactly double the expected count.

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Boolean value in Calculated Insight results in "Internal Server Error while querying data" error in Data Explorer


When you create a Calculated Insight with SQL that returns a boolean value for fields in the result set this can cause issues with displaying the Calculated Insight table in Data Explorer.

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Disabled CRM Fields Cannot Be Re-Added in a CRM data stream


When a field is Disabled in the CRM Data stream and when trying to add the field back to the dataStream from "Add Source Fields" option on UI , the system will throw an error " Unable to add field(s). Please try again later "

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SOQL query on CPD object returns duplicate records


When running a SOQL query on a CDP object (e.g. UnifiedIndividual__dlm), if the query results exceed 500 records the result set can include duplicate records due to a pagination issue where results are not properly ordered to prevent duplicates in different batches. This issue occurs when executing...

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