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'Tell me more' hyperlink does not work within the CDP activation rejected count popup


The 'Tell me more' hyperlink is not clickable/does not take you anywhere when viewing the rejected count for an activation on the 'Activation History' screen

In Review ·Reported By 3 ·Updated 2 days ago

Identity Users cannot create Google Cloud Storage data streams


When users who do not have CDP Setup access attempt to create a Google Cloud Storage data stream after a CDP admin has setup the Google Cloud Storage connector in CDP Setup, they will not see any Bucket Credentials and cannot complete the data stream creation. An error occurs on the backend with the...

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Data stream is stuck in error status and unable to process anything


A subset of customers may face an issue with the Data Streams stuck in error state when a large number of DMO mappings are present.

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Guardrail needed to prevent creating a chain of more than a CDP Calculated Insights


When you create a Calculated Insight, you are able to reference fields from another Calculated Insight in your SQL statement. As you reference Calculated Insights in this way, you can create a chain with multiple layers of Calculated Insights. As per the Salesforce CDP product team we do not support...

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CDP Segmentation membership DMOs are unavailable


CDP Segment membership DMOs are shown on the Data model and Data explorer tabs, however they are non-functional. Attempting to view membership data will not yield any results. There is currently an issue with the Segment membership DMO (Data Model Object) tables that prevent this data from being a...

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Access to CDP entity tabs is lost when editing a custom Identity User profile


When an System Administrator user modifies a custom profile based on the Identity User profile, users with that profile assigned lose access to CDP entity tabs.

In Review ·Reported By 6 ·Updated 8 days ago

CDP - S3 Connector - Duplicate Primary Key Values in Data stream


Combination of Refresh Mode = UPSERT + Is Limited to New Files = false can cause duplicate records to be ingested into CDP data streams Summary: Configuring a data stream with the settings Refresh Mode = Upsert and Is Limited to New Files = false can cause duplicate records to be ingested into the...

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Discrepancy in created date field value fetched through Query API versus UI.

Marketing Cloud API , CDP

Discrepancy between the values of the created date field when accessing this value through API versus what is shown in the UI without Filter.Similar discrepency observed in UI between with Filtered value and without Filtered value.

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Segments that use the nested segments feature in Customer Data Platform failing to run


Due to an issue with an ID value being passed on the backend, it is observed that segments containing nested segments fail to run. The nested segments beta feature is documented here: This issue will only affected...

Fixed - Winter '23 Patch 18.0 ·Reported By 0 ·Updated 15 days ago

Adding a new data stream field can cause temporary unexpected behaviors


In rare cases, adding a new data stream field can cause temporary errors when viewing the data stream in Data Explorer or a longer processing time on the next data stream refresh.

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