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Segment on Unified Individuals Can Activate Duplicates to Marketing Cloud


When activating a segment into Marketing Cloud, you may notice duplicate Contact/Subscriber Keys. This is regardless of choosing to activate on Individual or Unified Individual.

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Salesforce CDP CDPDay function returns a date that is expected date minus 1 day


Within CDP, when using the CDPDay() function, it will currently display data as it is received from the server, which is based on UTC. This can then cause the CDPDay function to return a date that is the expected date minus 1 day.

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Salesforce CDP Data Explorer filter does not work when a filter contains commas or exceeds 7 digits for numeric fields


Within CDP, you have the ability to filter objects based on any field for that object. When using a numeric value field, if you attempt to filter using a numeric value that exceeds 7 digits or contains any commas, the filter will fail.

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Salesforce CDP segment activation fails if using a calculated insight that contains zero records


When using a calculated insights within an activation target, if the calculated insight query will return zero records, the publishing of the activation will fail.

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CDP Marketing Cloud Activation Data Extensions and Folders cannot be deleted

Marketing Cloud Audience/Contacts , CDP

When a CDP Marketing Cloud Activation is published, a folder and corresponding shared data extension is created in the Marketing Cloud to capture the data for the activation. Currently these folders and data extensions cannot be deleted in the Marketing Cloud UI.

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CDP activation edit screen does not allow use of the remove attribute option


When editing an activation, any attributes that are added cannot be removed by using the drop down to "remove attribute". Navigating to the "Add Additional Attribute" screen, also does not display an X icon to delete the attribute; however the blank area can be clicked to remove.

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Salesforce CDP segment filters do not ignore current times when using today, tomorrow, or yesterday filters


Within Salesforce CDP, the Segment filters for "Is Today" currently calculates dates based on the current time. Any time after the current hour, even if for the current date, will be considered as tomorrow. Similar behavior is seen for "Is Yesterday" or "Is Tomorrow".

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CDP segment activation target fails if name contains special characters


When CDP activates a segment targeting the Marketing Cloud, each new activation results in a Shared Data Extension. The Shared Data Extension is named using a combination of user entered segment & activation name and a GUID. Currently CDP does not enforce any character restrictions for these naming...

In Review ·Reported By 1 ·Updated 2021-07-28

CDP users are unable to save new or modified segment


When attempting to save either a new or modified segment, the customer will receive an error that says "Segment was not saved or recounted, try again later. If this error continues, contact your administrator."

Fixed - Spring '21 Patch 19.18 ·Reported By 5 ·Updated 2021-07-27

CDP Activation Counts Do Not Match Segment Counts


When creating an activation in CDP, the counts published do not match the total segment counts. Currently we will only display the total segment count number under the publish history for any activation. This is expected behavior and lower counts in the activation can be contributed to Source Priority...

In Review ·Reported By 2 ·Updated 2021-07-27

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