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Interaction Studio Campaigns A/B test split not correctly updated when campaign is saved twice from the same campaign editor


If edits are made to a campaigns A/B test user split percentage and the campaign is saved twice in a row the campaign may incorrectly split the experiences. It is recommended to only save the campaign once after edits are made to prevent this.

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Interaction Studio push token retention issue


A push notification provider (like APNS, Firebase, etc) will issue a 'token' for a specific app on a specific device. To send a push notification to that app/device, one sends to that token. Since it would be confusing to potentially message multiple users on the same app/device, by design Interaction...

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Interaction Studio Users created from single ETL file failing to merge


When there are multiple rows of an ETL corresponding to a single user via identities and containing multiple columns of identities where some but not all identities match, there appears to be situations where not all of those users merge.

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Interaction Studio Catalog Attributes not updating via ETL


It has been found that archived Catalog Attributes are counting against limits in the ETL. If the total number of attributes when including archived attributes is greater than the number allowed, it prevents attributes from being updated by the ETL.

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Recipes showing special characters incorrectly or not showing selection at all.


When creating recipes using inclusions or exclusions of items with names which include special characters, after saving the special characters may show as URL encoded or the item may not display when viewing the recipe in the UI.

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Interaction Studio Categories showing URL encoded values


Category names containing special characters such as ampersands are displaying with URL encoded values in recommendations. This also prevents the values from being utilized when creating User Segments.

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ETL not interpreting special characters properly


When importing values with special characters through an ETL Feed, the special characters are being converted to '?' instead of remaining the designated character.

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Unable to delete Interaction Studio actions containing trailing space in ID


An Action ID with the value of "Test Action " would be truncated to "Test Action" in the UI. When attempting to delete the action, deletion will fail because an action with the ID "Test Action" does not exist since it is "Test Action ". This can also affect other areas of Interaction Studio where...

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Interaction Studio displaying archived categories on Category List screen


When a category is submitted as "test & test" as well as "test & test", Interaction studio treats these as two separate categories, but will only display one instance. Since both categories will display as "test & test" in the UI, it will appear as though a category is showing in error after being...

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Unable to edit Interaction Studio catalog items with a line break in itemID


When attempting to edit an item from the Item List screen, if the itemID for the selected item contains a line break (/n) character, an error of "Failed to load product" will appear.

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