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The Salesforce Known Issues Site exists to enhance trust and customer success by providing visibility into Known Issues.


Which Known Issues are Published?

At its own discretion, Salesforce Customer Support and Engineering publishes known issues based on the number of customer reports, the severity of the issue, and the availability of a workaround. If an issue you are encountering is not listed, it may not have fit the criteria for publishing on the Known Issues Site. Not all known bugs are published: often bugs are resolved quickly or do not affect customers.

When Can I Expect Salesforce to Update or Fix Known Issues?

Known Issues move through stages of triage, engineering, and deployment. Salesforce Engineering and Support provides updates and status estimates, however, no expressed or implied guarantee is made regarding the resolution of any Known Issue.

How is the Known Issues Site Different From

Trust and Known Issues are different, but complementary sites:

  • Trust ( provides live and historical data on system performance, planned maintenance schedules, and security threats.
  • Known Issues provides information about specific defects (bugs) in the platform which Salesforce Engineering is aware of.

What Can I do If I Do Not See My Issue Here? How Can I Report a New Issue?

Contact Salesforce Support if you have questions about an Issue affecting your Organization which is not listed here.


Finding an Issue


You can search for text in any of the Known Issues. The search will scan the Subject, Summary, Repro, Workaround, Reference Number and Update fields. Older fixed issues are eventually removed, to keep search results relevant. Note: Tags and Statuses are not included in the search. Please see Browse by Tag or Status for more information.

Browsing by Status or Tag

Tags are displayed with the number of Known Issues for each tag. If there are no issues for a particular tag, the tag is not displayed.


From any index page (Home, Tag, Status), the RSS link provides an RSS 2.0 URL which you can use to monitor or be notified of Known Issue updates. For more information about RSS, visit: .

Known Issue Details


Each Known Issue has one more Tags (Categories) to enable easy identification of the areas impacted by the Known Issue.

Reference Number

The Reference Number is a unique identifier used by Salesforce to identify Known Issues.


A 1-3 sentence description of the Known Issue and its symptoms or impact.


Generalized, simple steps to reproduce the Issue. Compare the repro to your configuration or code to determine if your organization is encountering the same Issue.


Methods or configurations to avoid the Known Issue while Salesforce develops and releases a permanent fix. The workarounds are only suggestions and should be tested to ensure there are no undesired effects.


Salesforce Support may, at its discretion, provide ongoing status updates if new, relevant information becomes available.

Fix Status

As Salesforce engineering triages, develops and releases fixes for Known Issues, every effort is made to show an accurate status of the process. The Fix Status is an estimate and is subject to change.

Status Definition
In Review Requires review by engineering management
Scheduled A patch release within the next 1-2 weeks
Release in Progress The issue is fixed on some of the instances
Fixed The issue is fixed on all instances
No Fix Salesforce Engineering Management determined that a fix for the issue is not possible.

Fixed In Version

Certain applications, especially mobile and clients, follow a different release schedule from the standard system. For these other applications, this field indicates the the specific version containing the fix.


When fixes are deployed to instances, the red indicators will change to green, signaling that the instance has the fix for the Known Issue. To find out which instance you are using, please refer to the instructions on: .


Release Status

Each release can be in one of 3 states:

State Definition
Released All instances have a release equal to or greater than this release.
Release in Progress The release is deployed to some of the instances.
Scheduled The release is scheduled for a future date.

Instance Status

The indicators on the side show the following information:

Instance Name The name of the instance.
Instance Current Release The name of the release currently deployed on the instance.
Is the Release on the Instance? Yes or No (Y/N) - Has the Release been deployed to the instance?

Any unreleased services, features, statuses, or dates referenced in this or other public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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