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6 ways to get more out of Dreamforce with Chatter

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We’re less than a week from Dreamforce (!), but the conference action is already going full force, thanks to Chatter in the Dreamforce app. People are making connections with other attendees, registering for sessions, and finding other can’t-miss activities for their conference agendas.

But how will attendees use Chatter after Dreamforce arrives in the real world on December 6?
  1. Find out where the action is. Open seats at a popular session, a killer demo in the Expo, an unlisted after-hours party… keep your fingers on the pulse and plan your next move based on up-to-the-minute info from fellow attendees.
  2. Get an overview of something you missed. You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can get real-time updates from the sessions and events you can’t attend in person.
  3. Stay connected to your colleagues. Keep in touch with the rest of your team throughout the day to compare notes and help each other out. “I stopped by Acme’s booth this morning (wow!) and thought of another question for them. I know you’re planning to swing by this afternoon: Can you ask them…?”
  4. Find people you can learn from. Only Chatter can make an event with 20,000+ attendees feel small. Use Chatter groups and session feeds to find and connect with people who have experience or knowledge that can benefit you.
  5. Keep up with new friends. You’ll meet a lot of new people at Dreamforce (you packed your business cards, right?), and Chatter is a great way to keep up with them on-site. See what sessions they’re attending, which Expo booths they loved, and what they’re learning.
  6. Remember: what goes around, comes around. Don’t forget to update your Chatter status frequently throughout Dreamforce. After all, people are following you, too!

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