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Make 'Customize Application' permission more granular

Authorization & Permissions

There are a lot of different types of permissions in this one tick box and it would be great if they were split out a bit more. For example, it may be useful to give a marketing super user access to the lead routing rules, without giving them the power to rearrange the whole configuration.

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 5 years ago

    Quick update from our product management team, see below:

    The current feature already allows users to have delegated administration of picklist values, validation rules, additional custom fields: 

    We will be continuing to invest in the Delegated Administration by Custom Objects as the primary solution for this idea, but the outlook will be more than 3 releases out.  Since this Idea is too broad to execute in a single change, I would encourage you to submit and vote for specific features that want to see separated from "Customize Application"

    Previous Update from Adam Torman:
    Hi Katy and Dawn - thanks for the feedback!!! It's definitely heard and I agree with everything you said; however, if we granularize Customize Application permission, it won't apply to any of the things you are looking for. You are looking for delegated administration and manage user ideas specifically:

    Please make sure to vote these ideas up since they are really at the heart of what you are looking for. 


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